Your Tailored Suits from London Will Make Your Competition Look Bad

Savile Row tailoring isn’t for everyone. It is, in fact, a luxury. Lavish as tailored suits from London are, they’re worth every penny because of their impact and appeal. An article on the main page of the site, excerpts of which are provided below, discusses the value of having a suit tailored to your exact specifications.

Bespoke suits are nowhere in comparison to off-the-rack or even made-to-measure suits. Customized suits prove superior as it provides you with a perfectly snug fit, specific material of your preference and is designed to your exact personality and style.

Money is no object

Depending on who you consult, bespoke suits can cost anywhere from $400 to upwards of $10,000. When you find out how much work and dedication goes into them, the prices could probably be justified. Everything, including the made-to-measure shirts in London, is handcrafted, and only the finest materials are used by prestigious tailors such as Hidalgo Brothers.

The perfect fit

Put simply, this isn’t a suit anyone can borrow because it is tailored to your dimensions and made to flatter your body. In addition, people who have unique physiques or body shapes prefer tailored garments since they aren’t likely to find something off the rack that would satisfy them.

The primary reason why a man invests in a bespoke suit is the fitting. The fit of a suit is essential as it could make or break your look – you may look tall, short, lean, pudgy, respectable, sloppy, and so on.

The right material

Expensive materials will definitely last longer and are easy to maintain. Suit fabrics of choice are Houndstooth, Herringbone, Glen plaid, and Seersucker which are made from wool, cotton, and linen fibres. The fabric you choose will greatly depend on the frequency of use and weather conditions.

When you purchase low quality suits, the fabric or even the suit itself may not last for a long time as lower quality materials tend to fade or worse, shrink over time.

As far as colour goes, navy and charcoal are the standards for business while black remains the choice for formal events.

Display of power

Whether you’re in the boardroom or at a fundraiser, wear your investment proudly. Tell everyone how confident you are without speaking a word. Show your rivals what they’re up against, and what little chance they have of winning. Now that’s money well spent.

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