5 Best Fabric Used to Create Every Piece in Your Suit Ensemble

We experience different seasons every year and thus, the suit must be made out of the best fabric for your suit.

The thought of wearing a suit during the hot summer months can seem daunting. All you want to do is, put on a pair of shorts and a light T-shirt and go to work. Fear not! Even though this is highly unlikely, you can still have your suits made from lightweight fabric sure to allow ventilation.

They are;

Linen. Linen doesn’t stick to the skin and is therefore, one of the top choices for workwear during the summer and spring. It does wrinkle quite easily so it is best for the more business casual wear.

Cotton. You can never go wrong with cotton. During the hot summer months, wearing shirts made of cotton allows perspiration to evaporate: it is very breathable. There are different types of cotton. So, you can opt for heavier weight cotton for suits. It will ensure that, the silhouette or sharp of the suit is maintained.

Wool. Wool being soft, durable, wrinkle-free and slightly denser that the other fabrics, makes it great for those colder days. It is a very popular fabric favored by tailors, everywhere! You do not have to worry about being rumpled by the end of day, just in case, you have somewhere to be.

The fabric is also breathable keeping your suit ensemble fresh and airy.

Cashmere. Cashmere screams luxury and class all the while being comfortable to wear. This fabric comes highly recommended for autumn & winter months. It is very suitable for the office and workplace.

Velvet. Velvet fabric is a blend of cotton, silk and nylon. Velvet tux is a staple food every man, for any formal event. It is timelessly classy.

These are the best pieces of fabric to use for your suit ensembles: suits, shirts, jackets, tuxedos, etc.

Thanks to decades of experience, the Hidalgo Brothers are more than capable of making all the suits you’ll need for all the seasons from the best fabric.

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