American vs. English vs. Italian Suits- Understanding Suit Styles

The English, American and Italian suits are three distinctive suit styles that have been around for decades. These different suit cuts have been named after their countries of origin and they represent the foundation of all the various styles in existence today.

When buying a suit, it is common for people to focus on the fabrics and ignore the style, as their subtle differences can be missed at first glance. However, knowing the different suit styles (knowing what is more suitable for your body type or a particular occasion) before purchasing a suit will certainly come in handy.

1. Italian Suits

The Italian suit gained its popularity in the 1950s after the first fashion show at Palazzo Pitti. The first thing you might notice about Italian suits is their lightness, in part due to the warmer Mediterranean weather. When it comes to the fit, the Italian cut is less structured compared to its counterparts, as it follows the natural silhouette of its wearer. The jackets have piped pockets, minimal shoulder padding and a tapered waist. Ideal for tall, flat belly men due to its slimmer cut.

2. British Suits

Welcome to Savile Row, the birthplace of the British/English cut. British suits were popularised by Henry Poole, credited for making the first modern-style jacket following specifications from the prince of Wales in the 1880s. Historically, English suits were made for elites in the military and British nobility. This explains why it is a very structured and highly tailored outfit with a close-fitting in the torso. The jackets are well known for having defined shoulders with thick shoulder pads as well as a ticket pocket and a double vent at the back. Ideal for the average built men since they are not too slim nor baggy-like.

3. American Suits

American suits can be traced back to the 1920s, a prosperous period marked by the expansive economic boom which had a significant impact on many aspects of our lives including fashion. As opposed to the British suits, the American suits were made for a wider target group so as to ease mass production. The American suit/ sack suit typically has a straighter, and looser fit to accommodate various body types. It has a softer silhouette, single vent in the back, low arm and flapped pockets. Due to its loose nature, it is ideal for tougher men or those who spend a lot of time in suits (since it is more comfortable).

Now that you know what the various suit styles have to offer, it should be easier for you to compare/contrast and choose the one that suits you best. Whether you need the looser American suits, the more formal British suits or the more flamboyant Italian suits, the Hidalgo Brothers are here to serve you. And just in case you feel like revolutionising them to create your own unique style, our experienced tailors are here to meet all your sartorial needs. Get in touch with us for more information.