2020 Fashion Trends for Suits by Hidalgo Brothers

The world has come to a halt due to lockdown and many professionals have had to hang up their suits, but fashion trends for suits are constantly evolving. With that in mind, we thought it was about time to give you the latest 2020 fashion trends in suits.

For women, we are now seeing brands get into blazer dresses, an eighties trend refurbished, graphic print casual suits, and 3-piece suits.


Blazer Dresses

Blazer dress comes in two distinct styles: fitted or over-sized. It is a wonderful formal outfit option as it is flattering on all body shapes. It is fierce, elegant, and smart. The blazer dress or the suit jacket dress has the same characteristics as a standard suit jacket albeit exaggerated. The lapel of a blazer dress is quite long, coming down to create a deep-V neckline, the cuffs are loose and the hemline must not be too short or long. The mid-thigh length is just perfect!

This dress is very versatile in terms of design because each woman can make her Bespoke blazer dress as unique to her taste and lifestyle!

You can style it with a pair of nude stockings and short, block heels to get that vintage look.

Men’s Suit Trends

More designers are now creating men’s suits that aren’t just for the office but also, for day-to-day casual outings. This new class of suits is playful in colour and print varying from bold flower motifs to candy-colour patterns. They are loose-fitting, breathable and are worn with sneakers or sandals depending on your personal style and mood.

A man in a three-piece svelte suit screams confidence. Add a touch of personal style like a gold pocket watch for aesthetic.

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Made from luxurious quality fabric like silk, cashmere, and cotton we design your new suits to fit the weather and of course, the occasion.

You can always count on Hidalgo Brothers to bring you exceptional suits that match the latest trend, including 2020 fashion trends! Why not come in with your partner and shop Hidalgo’s best suits for 2020? We also do suit adjustments at very affordable prices.

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