4 Important Steps In Choosing The Best Men’s Tailor

If you’ve ever wondered what the secret behind every impeccably dressed man is, we’re here to let you in on it. It’s not just about having an eye for fashion or an endless budget; it’s about finding the best men’s tailor who can elevate your style. The best tailors in London can transform ordinary garments into masterpieces that not only fit perfectly but also reflect your personal style, and there are no better craftsmen to accomplish this task than Savile Row suit makers.

When it comes to fashion, attention to detail is everything. From the way a suit jacket hugs the shoulders to how trousers break over shoes, each detail contributes to the overall look. This is where having a reliable tailor comes into play.

But how do you choose the best men’s tailor? In this article, we’ll guide you through the seven steps every man must take when choosing the best men’s tailor.
A men's tailor

How to Choose a Men’s Tailor

1. Do your research

Before you step foot into a tailor’s shop, it’s crucial to do your research. Consider factors such as your budget, the type of tailoring you need, be it bespoke suits, made-to-measure, or suit alterations in London, and your preferred style of clothing. Are you looking for famous tailors in London or someone closer to home or work? Understanding your needs will help you narrow down your options and find a men’s tailor who can cater to your specific requirements.

2. Ask for recommendations

Once you’re clear on how to choose a men’s tailor, tap into your network. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals can lead you to some of the best suit alterations in London or to bespoke tailoring specialists. People’s experiences can provide invaluable insights and save you from potential pitfalls.

3. Visit multiple tailors

Don’t limit yourself to the first suitmaker you encounter. Make an effort to visit several tailors to compare their services, prices, and expertise. Doing so allows you to gauge the market, discern the range of services on offer, and make an informed decision.

4. Look for Experience and Craftsmanship

Choosing the best men’s Savile Row tailor isn’t solely about cost. It’s also about experience and craftsmanship. When visiting tailors, inquire about their training and any famous tailors in London they might have apprenticed under. Examine their work closely, noting the stitching, fabric quality, cut, and finish. Such details can reveal a tailor’s dedication and proficiency.

5. Request for Past Work Samples

Don’t hesitate to request portfolios or photographs showcasing previous projects. Such samples offer insights into a tailor’s capabilities. Discuss any specific challenges or bespoke suits you have in mind and observe how similar challenges were handled in past tasks. Their adeptness in tackling intricate requests is often a good gauge of their expertise.

6. Start With a Trial Piece

Before committing to an intricate bespoke suit, opt for a simpler garment with a new tailor. This approach allows you to assess the tailor’s skills and the fit of their creations without a hefty initial outlay. It’s a pragmatic way to familiarise yourself with their work, ensuring comfort and satisfaction before delving into more elaborate and expensive garments.

7. Trust Your Gut

Your intuition is invaluable in building a relationship with a men’s tailor. Determine if a tailor’s vision corresponds with your style preferences. If something feels amiss or you sense undue pressure, it might be an indication that the tailor isn’t your ideal match.


Choosing the best men’s tailor is an endeavour demanding time, patience, and meticulous scrutiny. However, the reward—a wardrobe tailored to accentuate your style and persona—is immeasurable. The right tailor doesn’t just modify your attire; they elevate your overall image and bolster your self-assuredness.

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Common Questions

1. Why is choosing the right men’s tailor so important?

Choosing the right tailor is paramount because a skilled tailor doesn’t just alter a garment; they refine and enhance your overall appearance. The right tailor ensures that your clothing complements your body, boosts your confidence, and reflects your unique style.

2. What’s the difference between bespoke, made-to-measure, and off-the-rack tailoring?

Bespoke: This involves creating a garment from scratch, tailored to the individual’s measurements and preferences. Every aspect, from fit to fabric, is customised.
Made-to-measure: Here, pre-existing patterns are adjusted to fit the individual. It offers some level of customisation but not as much as bespoke.
Off-the-rack: These are ready-made garments available in standard sizes. They can be worn as purchased or taken to a tailor for minor adjustments.

3. How do I determine a tailor’s expertise and quality of work?

When evaluating a tailor’s expertise, inquire about their training, any notable apprenticeships, and years in the business. Reviewing portfolios, inspecting previous works, and asking about specific techniques can also provide insights. Additionally, look for attention to detail in their work, such as the quality of stitching and fabric used.