5 Must-Have Suits and Shirts

Although fashion trends come and go, there are certain staple items that every man’s wardrobe should have. That’s because they never go out of style and always look sharp. Getting these garments is a surefire way to up your fashion game and ensure you always look your best regardless of the occasion and time. We are talking about a well-tailored suit, and the five must-have suits we will cover are a well-rounded selection that will leave you looking dapper no matter where you go.

This is essential because donning the same suit day in and day out can be pretty dull, not to mention it will make you look like you’re stuck in a rut. So, having a couple of different suits breaks the monotony and ensures that you always have something new to wear. It also allows you to experiment with different combinations and looks, making it easy to always look your best.


The Five Must-Have Suits You Need in Your Wardrobe.

Black-tie dress code

1. The Black Suit

A black suit is a classic that every man should have; a sartorial introduction to the world of tailoring. It’s the most versatile piece you can have in your wardrobe and can be worn for

any occasion, whether it be a wedding, job interview, funeral, or first date.

Although the black suit often gets a bad rap for being dull and unimaginative, it doesn’t have to be. When styled correctly, a black suit can be incredibly chic and luxurious. The single-breasted black suit is the must-have piece that will provide the most value for your money and get you maximum wear.

2. The Navy Suit

Next on our list of must-have suits is the navy suit. The absence of a navy suit from your wardrobe is a serious fashion faux pas. Its versatility rivals the black suit, as it can be worn for formal and casual occasions. It’s also perfect for summer, as the lighter hue will keep you feeling cooler and more comfortable in the heat.

When it comes to navy suits, we recommend going for a two-button jacket as it is the most flattering silhouette. And, make sure the jacket is tailored to perfection; nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting navy suit.

A man wearing a grey bespoke suit

3. The Grey Suit

The grey suit is another essential piece you must consider adding to your wardrobe. It’s perfect for those who want something less formal than a black suit, but still, look smart and put together. A grey suit is an excellent way to show that you mean business without looking like you’re trying too hard.

We recommend selecting a mid-grey shade as it is the most versatile and easy to style. And make sure the fabric and fit are on point; a well-tailored grey suit will make you look and feel your best.

Bespoke tailoring

4. The Brown Suit

A brown suit is a great way to add warmth and richness to your look. It’s the perfect alternative to the more traditional black, grey, and navy suits and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. When it comes to choosing a shade of brown, we recommend going for a lighter hue as it is more versatile and flattering. And, like all the other suits on our list, ensure the fit is impeccable. A well-tailored brown suit will definitely turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


5. The Tan Suit

Last but not least, we have the tan suit as the final entry on our list of must-have suits. The tan suit is perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their look. The lighter hue also keeps you comfortable and cool in the heat, making it ideal for summer. You’ll definitely get a lot of use out of the tan suit, as it’s great for both formal and casual occasions.



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Now, all you have to do is pair your suits with versatile shirts like white, powder blue, or cream.

We bet you have noticed the unifying feature that all these suits and shirts share: versatility. All the suits on our list can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Must-have suits mixed and Matched Trick

A man wearing a navy suit jacket and tan pants, one of the must-have suits

But that’s not the most exciting part. The best part about these outfits is that each of these pantsuits can easily be mixed and matched with each jacket and shirt to create up to 75 different combinations! That’s right, with these five suit jackets and pants, you can create an entirely new outfit every day of the week for three months.

Now that’s value for your money.

Having these five must-have suits in your wardrobe will definitely elevate your style and leave you feeling confident and put together. And the best part is that you can mix and match them to create endless outfit possibilities. Contact us for more fashion tips and all your suiting needs.

Common Questions:

What 5 suits should a man own?

Everyman should own a black suit, a navy suit, a grey suit, a brown suit and a tan suit with white, powder blue or cream shirts. These can be mixed and matched to create 75 different combinations!


What colour shirts should a man own?

Everyman can pair black, navy, grey, brown and tan suits with versatile shirts like white, powder blue, or cream.