A Hidalgo for a “hidalgo”: The Suits We Make for Today’s Gentleman

Call it fate or call it coincidence; Hidalgo Brothers prefers to believe it’s our destiny. In some Spanish-speaking regions, the word “hidalgo” means a gentleman or nobility. So it seems natural for us with a Hidalgo family name to specialise in bespoke and made-to-measure suits for men with discriminating tastes.

Just how essential is a high-quality suit to a man’s image in this day and age? Does a well-tailored suit turn a regular man into a “gentleman”? Reach for any contemporary men’s magazine and you’ll see plenty of advertisements and feature articles showing men in dapper suits. Turn on your telly and you’ll never lack of men with tailored suits hosting entertainment shows, anchoring news broadcasts, or walking the red carpet. Even men as rugged-looking as David Beckham on the field can adopt a distinguished appearance in a suit.

Tailored suits bring out the best in men, and as savile row tailors”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:15169,”3”:{“1″:0},”9″:1,”11″:0,”12″:0,”14”:{“1″:2,”2″:0},”15″:”Calibri, sans-serif”,”16″:11}”>Savile row tailors, we are proud to say that Hidalgo Brothers can help you have that suit worthy of a page in a men’s magazine. We do it in three ways:


What makes a good suit? If you badly need one, you could actually head to a department store and grab a ready-to-wear suit of good quality. However, a suit that complements your personality is a different matter altogether. To own this, you have to be involved in the entire process of making the suit from the start, and this is exactly what we offer. You get to choose the fabric, the lining cloth, and even the buttons and trimmings that best match your personal style.


OK, so you’ve probably done a good amount of research on which top-class fabric would be most appropriate for your suit. If your tailor took the wrong measurements, though, even a first-rate fabric can’t hide an ill-fitting suit. At Hidalgo Brothers, we make every effort to get your measurements correct. We even allow two fitting sessions to ensure that everything’s perfect.


If you own a tailored suit and it doesn’t fit you now as well as before (perhaps the regular trips to the gym have paid off and you’ve lost unwanted pounds), don’t worry. We do alterations, and we can make that old suit fit the new you. You have a suit that you think looks outdated? You can fit right at home with the “Downtown Abbey” cast, as we do restyling as well.

A suit for a “hidalgo” is like fine wine; it takes a bit of effort to create, but once you find it, you know it’s worth it. This is why we are one of the best Savile Row tailors in London. If you’re interested, call us at 44-0203-4413369 or drop by our shop at 2nd Floor, 13 Savile Row, London, W1S 3PH, United Kingdom.