Are Bespoke Suits From Savile Row Worth It?

By now you will likely be aware of the near-legendary status Savile Row holds when it comes to men’s’ tailoring. Tailors on Savile Row have served London’s and the world’s elite, with beautiful handcrafted, individually measured suits for centuries. Are you considering getting bespoke suits in London from Savile Row? You might be wondering if these suits will be worth cost, here are four reasons why they definitely are.

Why You Should Get Your Bespoke Suits in London from Savile Row

Bespoke suits are the epitome of men’s tailoring. Granted, they might have a significantly higher upfront cost than store-bought suits, but over their lifetime, they will provide so much more in value. Here is what to expect when you buy a bespoke suit in London from Savile Row:


1. Choose Your Own Fabrics

Why does your choice of fabric matter? Finer `fabrics give you a range of benefits that include comfort, a look of refinement, and longevity. At the Hidalgo Brothers, we offer you a choice from only the highest quality of fabrics sourced from England, Scotland and Italy on occasion.


2. Choose Your Own Patterns

Fabric patterns are a great way to personalise your suit and reflect your unique personality. At the Hidalgo Brothers, we offer a wide range of options that include even the possibility of creating fabrics with your name woven in 24-carat gold thread.


3. Choose Your Own Cut

Whatever your preference, from sack to structured or silhouette, your choice of cut will be easily implemented by our expert tailors.


4. Choose Your Own Style

SIngle-breasted or double-breasted? American, English or Italian? Whatever your style, Savile Row tailors like the Hidalgo Brothers can bring your dreams to life.


Why Choose The Hidalgo Brothers For Your Bespoke Suits in London from Savile Row Tailors?

We have been in business for decades, so when you commission a Hidalgo Brothers bespoke suit, what you get is expert tailoring that is sure to help you stand out from the crowd. For business executives, politicians, or anyone looking to making a lasting impression, bespoke suits from Hidalgo Brothers are a sure bet. To learn more, please get in touch with us by telephone at 020 8616 3397 or book a visit right away!