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If you’re a man with good features and carries an air of confidence, you can pack them in further by looking the part in a suit – but not just any suit! Chris Rovny, writing for AskMen, explains:

Every man needs at least one elegant, high-quality suit. Whether it’s for business attire or a special occasion, we all need one suit that sets itself apart from the rest. The funny thing, however, is that most guys who shop for that quality suit will usually rush to high-end boutiques and purchase the suit for its brand name rather than its quality.

Don’t get us wrong; we love Boss, Cerrutti and Zegna, but you can buy a tailor-made suit that really fits, for the same price or less. If you’re worried about not being trendy enough, just cut out a magazine picture and let the tailor duplicate the style you’re looking for.”

If you’re living or working in London, you’re in one of the world’s centres of fashion, entertainment, and business. Almost all corporate institutions in the city may find wearing formal business attire ethical and professional in conducting business properly. At the same time, wearing a suit indicates a high level of maturity and finesse.

best tailors in London

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When discussing the suit you like with a custom tailor, the fabric will naturally be one of the first items on the agenda. It is important to have a suit that truly lasts, especially when you’re getting one designed for an important occasion. You can learn a few lessons from your tailor about the time-honoured “super system” of numbers that denotes the quality of wool fabric. Rovny recommends a custom suit with at least 110s quality, but Super 180s or 200s suits might be quite prohibitive in price.

Relative Size

The beauty of a custom suit is that it is fashioned by your physical attributes. The author emphasises that you must closely coordinate with your tailor on proper measurements, especially on how the clothes must fall on your shoulders, shoes, wrists and waist.


Consult the tailor on accent pieces for your suit, such as the type of buttons, the number of pockets, or whether you want it double-breasted. You can show him certain suit styles you prefer and he will adjust them to fit your body type.

A custom suit for sophisticated men already exudes class and grace. Having it fashioned by the best tailors in London? That’s even better.

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(Source: 6 Steps To A Tailor-Made Suit, AskMen)

Common Questions:

Why fabric is so important on suits?

Choosing a fabric is commonly one of the first items on the agenda as it is so important to have a suit fabric that truly lasts.


Why should you choose tailor-made suits?

A tailor-made suit for sophisticated men exudes class and grace. Having it fashioned by the best tailors in London is essential.