Elevate Your Wardrobe With Savile Row Suits: 2024 Trends

Suits are an item of essential clothing in a man’s closet. With several outfits in your wardrobe, you may still need a suit that defines class and gives a distinct identity; choosing bespoke Savile Row suits with the right colours will provide you with that elegant fitting look.

As time goes by, the fashion trend keeps improving, and you need to stay stylish.

Best colour Suit for an All-Round Wardrobe

Navy Blue Suit

In need of a Savile Row bespoke suit colour that speaks fashion? Then a navy blue suit will do the magic. This colour suit makes gentle look like professionals. Do you have an appointment with potential investors? Then a perfectly fitted navy blue suit will give you that corporate appearance. This suit colour is also favourable for those who want to look slimmer in their suit.

Black Suit

A black British bespoke suit has been the most widely used suit colour for ages because it is versatile, and can be rocked on different occasions.

Grey Suit

A grey Savile Row bespoke suit is the most versatile formal attire you can own. It has this trendy and sophisticated look; it allows men to change up their look and wear a colour different from the classic black and navy. A grey bespoke Savile Row suit is suitable for any occasion.

Top Savile Row Bespoke Suits to Rock for Any Occasion

Savile Row suits

Savile Row Street is recognised worldwide for the tailoring of the perfect gentleman’s bespoke suit. 2024 comes with different fashion trends, and you need to stay fashionable. After having an idea of the type of suit colour you need for your upcoming events, it is time to take a look at the top best Savile Row bespoke suit that will give you an elegant look whenever it is worn.

1. Single-Breasted Suit

Always create a good first impression by donning a plain navy single-breasted suit with a notch lapel. This outfit boasts a classic fit, and it is appropriate for a good number of events. A single-breasted suit comes in one, two, three, and sometimes four to five buttons.  The one-button, two buttons, or three buttons single-breasted suit will be suitable for any of your events. According to research, these suit styles make up more than 94% of all the suits out there.

2. Double-Breasted Suit

This modernised suit type works with various colours and features a peak lapel. These peak lapels give a superior air of sophistication. A double-breasted suit enhances your style without attracting undue attention. It comes with four, six, and eight buttons, but six buttons are the original, with three on each side. These six buttons are favourable for taller men. But four-button types are better for shorter men. Always incorporate this suit style with neckwear to avoid fashion blunders.

3.  A Classic Tuxedo

A tuxedo brings fresh excitement and is appropriate for the most important and memorable events. It features peak lapels or a shawl collar, and it usually comes in grosgrain materials, silk, and satin.

The start of a year gives you a great opportunity to build that perfect wardrobe. Do not overwork your brain if you’re still unable to decide which suit type and colour will be best for your event, because the Hidalgo Brothers is here to assist you.

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1. At Savile Row, you will obtain nothing but the feeling of satisfaction. It is because the street is filled with artisans who have decades of experience, and are willing to tailor the best Savile Row suits that will meet your desire. These tailors have custom suits for world leaders, celebrities, and men of all classes. This is why you should trust them with the crafting of your suit.

2. If you want a suit that will last you for decades, make your way to Mayfair Street. Bespoke suits in London are famous for their longevity as they are designed using 100% quality wool fabric.

3. Speaking of patience, Savile tailors dedicate a considerable amount of time to the measurement process, cutting, sewing, multiple fittings, and recutting to achieve a desirable result.

Visit the Hidalgo Brothers for the best savile row suits

In conclusion, owning some bespoke Savile Row suits is a fashion investment that will elevate your wardrobe and leave you with a feeling of class and sophistication. Whether you choose a navy blue, black, or grey suit, or opt for a single-breasted, double-breasted, or classic tuxedo style, the skilled artisans of Savile Row will ensure that your suit fits perfectly and is crafted from high-quality materials. So why settle for a mediocre suit when you can have a bespoke one that will last you for decades? Make the wise decision and visit Savile Row for the perfect-fitting suit that will leave you looking and feeling your best.


Common Questions:

Why should I purchase a bespoke suit?

If you love the feeling of wearing elegant suits, we highly recommend a suit that allows you to define your very own style that expresses your true self.


Are bespoke suits worth the price?

There are three reasons why bespoke suits are worth the price. The distinct style, the notable workmanship involved, and the marked individuality.