Bespoke Suit- Why it is Your Best Work Outfit

You may not have given much thought to suits, particularly if you don’t often wear one, but when the time comes to choose a suit for work, you may think that the best (and easiest) option is to head for your nearest menswear store and buy one off the peg. However, you can’t beat a Savile row bespoke suit for the look, comfort and longevity. Below are just some of the benefits of investing in a bespoke suit for work.

A Bespoke Suit Says More About You

When making the choice to purchase a Savile row bespoke suit you are showing that you don’t only want to dress in a smarter, more elegant way but that you care about your appearance and want to reflect your personality through your clothing. It shows that you care about the right fit and want to look more distinguished.

A Perfect Fit

One of the most frustrating parts of buying an ‘off the peg’ suit is, of course, the fit. The arms may be too long, the legs too wide or many other niggling elements that will make the suit ‘not quite right. Whilst a visit to a tailor may fix this, why not just ensure a great fit from the beginning by having a suit that’s designed and built just for you?

Good Quality, Long Lasting Clothing

When you invest in a bespoke suit you choose the fabric and lining so you’re not going to suffer a lack in quality that you may get from mass-produced suits. Handmade, luxurious and designed by people who know their craft, you can be assured of high quality, long-lasting items to become a staple in your wardrobe.

Get What You Like, How You Like It

If you buy your suit from a general menswear store the limited choice means that you are likely to be limited by some elements that you dislike such as specific colours, button styles and more. With a bespoke suit, you are able to choose the parts of a suit that you like and have it designed to your liking with no more being unhappy with certain design elements or features.

They Are Cost-Effective

A bespoke suit may seem like the more expensive option but the longevity and quality of the item will ensure that it lasts much longer than your off the peg suits, particularly if you wear them regularly. A good suit in the colour of your choice can also be easily matched with different shirts and so on, whereas typical suits may only be suitable for the preferred style at the time, adding to the cost.

A bespoke suit for work has many advantages and will help you to create a more professional, elegant work look so that you look and feel like the part. At The Hidalgo Brothers we craft beautiful, bespoke suits and bespoke shirts along with the excellent service and quality you would expect from a Savile Row tailor. Get in touch for more information about our services by clicking here.