We Provide The Best Suit Alterations In London

In an ideal world, every single suit would be a bespoke suit. However, sometimes you find great suits off the shelf and with very good suit alterations in London a decent suit could be turned into a great fit. But how to find the best tailor for professional suit alterations, especially in London! Here are our tips:

Do your research

To identify great suit alterations in London, you will have to do thorough research. Start by consulting style-conscious friends for recommendations of good tailors in London. Additionally, a quick Google search can lead you to a men’s tailor or Savile Row suitmakers worth considering. Don’t forget to delve into reviews and testimonials from past clients on their sites.


Visit the store

Once you have some recommendations or have shortlisted a few tailors based on online reviews, it’s a good idea to visit their premises. Ask to see a suit they’ve previously altered. If they rank among the famous tailors in London, they’d likely be eager to showcase their craftsmanship.

Give them a test run

This is one of the best ways to find out if a tailor provides good and professional suit alterations. We suggest giving the tailor a test run, simply explain how you want your suit to be altered, and they might notice other flaws and ask if you want them to be fixed.


professional suit alterations in London

If you have found a nice off-the-shelf suit that doesn’t quite fit perfectly, or perhaps have an older one that no longer fits well because you gained or lost a few pounds, there is no need to worry. We can alter these to fit you perfectly.

The secret sauce to immaculate bespoke suits or alterations is comprehensive measurements. This is why when you visit us, we devote a considerable amount of time to taking your measurement. The result is sure to delight!

Alongside our unique and highly refined tailoring process, we have been in the business of suit-making for over a decade and most of our tailors in London have over 20 years of experience. Whether we are crafting a suit from scratch or altering one to fit a gentleman perfectly, this wealth of experience reflects in every seam and results in outstanding outfits that leave our clients looking and feeling great.

To cap it all, a significant reason why Hidalgo Brothers are the first port of call for those in search of the best suit alterations in London is our proficiency with a wide spectrum of fabrics. From cotton, linen, silk, to velvet — rest assured, we can alter it flawlessly.

So why settle for an ill-fitting suit when you can get it altered by experienced professionals? Contact us and let us help you achieve that perfect fit. Remember, a well-tailored suit is an investment that will make you look stylish and confident for years to come. So give us a try today!



Firstly, thoroughly research the options available and select a handful of potential suit alteration tailors. Once you have compiled a concise list of options, visit the stores and give the tailor a test run to determine which suits your needs best.


Savile Row tailors have an extremely refined tailoring process and are highly experienced at working with a variety of fine materials.