The Best Suit Alterations London Has To Offer – Hidalgo Brothers

The best suit alterations in London are done on Savile Row at Hidalgo Brothers. The best-fitting suits are Bespoke suits custom-made for your physique. However, ready-made suits may sometimes be suitable with a few adjustments.

Whether you’ve lost weight or you’ve purchased a suit off the shelf there are many reasons why you might be looking for suit alterations.


Normally, the sleeve of a suit jacket must fall right on the wrist. But sometimes, this doesn’t occur naturally when it is an off the shelf jacket. There are a few ways to adjust the sleeve depending on if the sleeve is too short or too long.

Chipping the Shoulder

This is a method used only by the most talented and experienced of tailors. It is the changing or adjusting of the suit sleeve from the shoulder. This form of suit alteration is best for those with a svelte figure.

Jacket Waist

If you have big shoulders and a slimmer back, you may find that a ready-to-wear jacket won’t fit you the right way. If this is the case, all that has to be done is to have the waist of the jacket taken in by a professional tailor.

The suit trousers can also be altered to suit your frame better. Suit trousers may be too short, too long or too fitted. Any of these issues can be rectified.

The Hem of the Trousers

At times, the leg of the trousers can surpass the top of the shoe: the ideal length. This can easily be fixed by hemming the bottom of the leg, taking off a few centimetres.

The best suit alterations in London are best done by the tailors here at Hidalgo Brothers. We have decades of experience creating and fitting thousands of different suits.

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