Best Suits For Summer

Wondering what are the best Savile Row suits for summer? It’s an unwritten rule that every man should have a tailored suit in their wardrobe. The feeling of putting on a masterfully tailored suit is truly unmatched and after many months of cancelled events, there’s never been a better time to dress up and feel like a million dollars. In order to do so, you need a Savile Row suit.

However, here at Hidalgo Brothers, we understand the daunting tasks of choosing a suit from the overwhelmingly large selection of options we have available to us. So we thought it was about time to compile the ultimate guide to Savile Row summer suits.

The Linen Suit

The old summer classic. Extremely popular during the summer months due to its lightweight, breathable weave. Linen suits favour comfortability sprinkled with a hint of elegance, making it the quintessential suit for stuffy 25° and up weather.

The Cotton Suit

The cotton suit is undoubtedly the most versatile, offering up a polished yet easygoing look that’s very much warm weather-friendly. A stiffer feel than your traditional wool and linen suits, keeping you looking crisp all day round. Whether you’re wearing khaki, baby blue, navy or even tan, you’ll look your very best.

The Fresco Suit

The new kid on the block, squashing the notion that wool suits aren’t summer-friendly. Well, they’re technically not, however, Fresco which closely translates to “fresh” and “open-air” in Italian, makes you feel just that – Fresh. The fresco suit’s material is airy yet highly durable without sacrificing elegance and refinement. Most importantly, fresco suits are designed with the summer months in mind.

The Shorts Suit

A recent trend over the past 12 months within men’s fashion is the rise of the shorts suit. Labelled as informal by some, whilst simultaneously being hailed as a guaranteed winner for “best-dressed” at any function you might find yourself at this summer.

The best Savile row suits in 2021 are not just those influenced by the ever-changing trends, they are also those that align with your unique personality and style while fitting you like a glove. You can count on the Hidalgo Brothers for such results. Get in touch with us for more information.

For the best Savile Row suits for this coming summer, you can count on Hidalgo Brothers to provide you with a bespoke service matching you with the perfect materials and patterns to match your unique personality and style. Get in touch with us today to have you looking you’re very best for summer.