Best Suits For Summer

Summer: the season of al fresco dining, beach holidays, and—perhaps most importantly—the opportunity to showcase your style with versatile options like cotton suits for summer. It’s not just an unwritten rule but a sartorial axiom that every man should possess a tailored suit in his wardrobe. The tactile joy of slipping into a custom-made suit is unparalleled, elevating not just your physical appearance but also your spirits.

In a year where social calendars are at long last being populated, dressing up has never felt so revitalising. Where better to source such an ensemble than Savile Row, and who better to guide you than the Hidalgo Brothers?

With decades of expertise in bespoke tailoring, we have curated the definitive guide to the best Savile Row suits for summer.

cotton suits for summer

1. The Linen Suit: The Timeless Summer Classic

Linen has been the go-to fabric for summertime elegance for decades. Its breathable weave ensures you remain cool, even when the mercury soars above 25°C. A linen suit is not just about comfort, though—it carries an air of nonchalant sophistication. Pair a beige or light grey linen suit with a crisp white shirt, and you’re instantly ready for a summer wedding or a cocktail party on a yacht.

Why Choose Linen?

Linen, derived from the flax plant, has fibres that wick away moisture while also allowing air to flow freely. This results in a fabric that’s naturally cooling. The material has a slight texture, giving it a distinct look that adds a layer of complexity to your ensemble.

2. The Cotton Suit: Versatility Meets Comfort

When it comes to cotton suits for summer, the versatility is truly astonishing. This fabric seamlessly blends formality with casual flair, creating an aesthetic that’s as appropriate for a business meeting as it is for a rooftop soirée. The cotton suit, compared to wool and linen, offers a slightly stiffer feel, which keeps you looking immaculate throughout the day.

Styling Your Cotton Suit

Cotton suits for summer come in a multitude of colours, allowing you to express your personality freely. From muted khakis and navies to more vibrant shades like baby blue or even coral, the options are limitless. Cotton is also easy to maintain, being both durable and machine-washable—attributes that make it perfect for the fast-paced lives many of us lead.

Caring for Your Cotton Suits for Summer

Maintaining the quality and appearance of your cotton suits for summer requires specific care. While cotton is durable, it needs special attention for it to stay in top condition. Before cleaning, check if the suit requires machine washing or dry cleaning, as stated on its care label.

If machine washing is permitted, use cold water and avoid tumble drying to prevent fabric shrinkage. Cotton wrinkles can be handled with a medium-to-high heat steam iron, preferably when the suit is slightly damp and inside out. Proper storage is crucial; use wide wooden hangers and store the suit in a cool, ventilated space inside a garment bag. Timely minor repairs and professional alterations are advisable to extend the suit’s lifespan.

3. The Fresco Suit: Wool’s Summer-Friendly Counterpart

Forget the misconception that wool is unsuitable for summer. Fresco fabric, an open-weave wool, is designed explicitly for warmer months. Translating to “fresh” and “open-air” in Italian, fresco suits do exactly what their name suggests—keep you feeling fresh and airy. The material is not only breathable but also remarkably robust, meaning it won’t easily wrinkle or wear out.

Fresco: An Innovation in Wool

Wool has always been a staple in men’s tailoring, yet traditional wool suits can be stifling in the heat. Fresco wool’s open-weave construction addresses this issue, providing the best of both worlds: the sophistication of wool with the coolness of lighter fabrics.

Customisation: Aligning with Your Unique Style

Savile Row bespoke cotton suits

The best Savile Row suits are those that resonate with your individual personality and style, all while fitting you like a second skin. When it comes to customisation, options like cotton suits for summer provide that tailor-made experience that sees you involved in the selection of fabrics, cuts, and patterns.

Your Journey to Sartorial Excellence Awaits

The Hidalgo Brothers are committed to offering bespoke services tailored to your unique style and personality. With options ranging from classic linen to innovative fresco and the ever-versatile cotton suits for summer, there’s a summer suit for every discerning gentleman.

Contact us today to embark on your journey towards sartorial summer excellence.

Common Questions

1. What type of fabric is best for a summer suit?

The choice of fabric for your summer suit depends on various factors such as comfort, occasion, and personal style. Linen is a classic option that offers excellent breathability but may wrinkle easily. Cotton suits for summer offer a blend of comfort and polish, making them versatile choices for both formal and casual events. Fresco, a type of open-weave wool, is also a fine choice for those looking for the elegance of wool without the heat.

2. How does the bespoke tailoring process work at Hidalgo Brothers?

The bespoke tailoring process at Hidalgo Brothers is a comprehensive experience designed to provide a suit that fits like a second skin. First, you’ll have a consultation to discuss your needs and style preferences. Next, you’ll be involved in the selection of fabrics, cuts, and patterns, with options ranging from linen to cotton suits for summer. Measurements will be meticulously taken to ensure a perfect fit. After the suit is crafted, fittings will be scheduled to make necessary adjustments.

3. How long does it take to get a bespoke suit made?

The timeframe for a bespoke suit can vary depending on the design’s complexity and the chosen fabric’s availability. Typically, you can expect the process to take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. It’s always a good idea to plan well in advance, especially if you need the suit for a specific event like a summer wedding or a corporate function.