British Suit Style Guide

The History of British Suit Style

Welcome to Savile Row, the birthplace of the British suit style. Historically, the British Savile Row suits were made for elites in the military and British nobility. Reasons why the jackets are well known for having defined shoulders with thick shoulder pads. The British style is known worldwide for its trend-setting innovation. In the 1800s, the first stores opened in London’s famed Savile Row. And the concept of British suit tailoring was sired by Savile Row tailors, some of the greatest bespoke tailors in the mid-19th century. In the latter half of the 1800s. The Prince of Wales commissioned the design of the tailless smoking jacket made from the same fabric as a tailcoat.

Today it is easier to recognise a British suit style by looking at the structure of the shoulder, surgeon’s cuffs, and low gorge lines.

Features of a British Suit Style

These suits are cut closer to the body. They have slightly narrower and defined shoulders with higher armholes. The shoulder fits around your torso. British cut jackets use lower gorge lines which are the seam joining the collar and the lapel. It has heavier cloth, stiffer chest canvas, thicker shoulder pads, the jackets have two side vents and they can either be single or double-breasted.

The suit pants have a high waistline and up to two or three pleats giving them a better shape compared to American cut trousers. This style is perfect for people with muscular or athletic body types. British suit-style pants break to rest on top of your shoe so that a slight pool of fabric is gathered and folded. But new trends emerge every day providing clients with different breaks options. So you could either go in for a quarter-break, half-break, or full break.

The Attitude of British Suits

Are you in need of a suit for a special event or everyday activities? The British suit style will be perfect because it displays seriousness, trustworthiness, and boldness. These suits are ideal for average-built men since they are not too boxy or too slim. British suit can project authority and attention to detail. You can wear it to work, to a wedding, to a fancy venue on the weekend. You’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere a British suit that won’t serve you well when a suit is the expected dress code.

Work with an Expert – Hidalgo Brothers

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