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Autumn Bespoke Suit Offer

Looking forward to the turning of the season the Hidalgo Brothers have an Autumn Bespoke Suit offer for all clients, returning or new.

Clients ordering a full canvas bespoke suit will also receive a complementary bespoke shirt.

We have a wide range of British and European fabrics from which to choose you new suit.

For more information please call us on 0208 616 3397 or come and visit us at 13 Savile Row.

Benefits of a Bespoke Suit for Work

Bespoke suits for workYou may not have given much thought to suits, particularly if you don’t often wear one, but when the time comes to choose a suit for work, you may think that the best (and easiest) option is to head for your nearest menswear store and buy one off the peg. However, you can’t beat a bespoke suit for look, comfort and longevity. Below are just some of the benefits of investing in a bespoke suit for work.READ MORE

How to Meet a President

Personalised Suit FabricWhen the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi met with President Barack Obama on January 25th he met in style. The meeting should have been remembered for the important talks between the two super powers but instead fashion won over.

In a move that will ensure he leaves his mark, Prime Minster Modi wore a suit with his name printed on it thousands of times. President Obama was obviously impressed with Modi’s dress sense as he was quoted saying, ‘So he’s tough. And he also has style.’

Here at the Hidalgo Brothers we have been providing the same highly bespoke service to our selected clients since 2011.

We take the normal pinstripe to another level by weaving your name in 24 carat gold stitching into the fabric of your suit which gives the effect of perfect pinstripes. The cloth takes 6 weeks to hand-make  the first fitting is after 3 weeks with a further 2 weeks needed to finish the suit.

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Suits: A Ladies’ Opinion

Why a sharp suit will make you stand out from the crowd

A ladies opinion matters, while this is not something that all men will (happily) admit, we all know it’s true. Those of you lucky enough to have a style savvy lady in your life that you can turn to for sound and straightforward sartorial advice will know how much of a god send that second opinion can be. To see first hand evidence of the ‘ladies opinion’ all you have to do is a quick Google search of David Beckham in the pre-Victoria days. Not quite the style icon he is today with a bit of posh persuasion!

For those men out there who are still on the hunt for their style maven to help guide them in the right fashion direction there is help here to deliver some wise womanly wardrobe words to live by.

  • Ladies love a man in a suit, and a suit can make or break a man. A well fitted, quality suit pulls off a look that says you are confident, you’ve got it together and know how to look after yourself. Investing in a bespoke suit is a step towards success, it may sound shallow but first impressions do count and when it comes to ladies a sharp suit sends a first impression that will last for all the right reasons.
  • Take style risks, but don’t go crazy. A little flair shows that you aren’t dull and that you are confident enough in your own skin to know what works for you and what doesn’t. But taking that too far says you have no class and are perhaps a little showy. A dapper suit paired with an interesting patterned pocket square and classic black lace ups is a yes. A pinstripe suit paired with a shiny shirt and silver shoes is a big no no, it screams look at me, when all you need to do is whisper it.
  • Know your own style. While, as a woman, it is nice to be asked for an opinion, there is nothing sexier than a man who knows himself and his style. Get yourself clued up on what works for you and what doesn’t. Get to know your measurements and what colours compliment you. Understand how to put an outfit together, and avoid just wearing your clothes the way they were styled on the mannequin. Think about what shirt, shoes, belt, tie/bowtie and watch compliment your suit and you will then be able to mix it up and keep it fresh.
  • The best advice I can give you is to never let anyone talk you into wearing something that you don’t feel comfortable in. There is nothing more unappealing than someone who doesn’t look comfortable in their own skin, and confidence is the key to pulling off any look.

Keep these tips in mind and visit The Hidalgo Brothers of Savile Row for expert styling and advice that means you will never go wrong.

Hidalgo Brothers in Diplomat magazine

For the February/March issue of Diplomat, the Hidalgo Brothers have a quarter page mention in the Editor’s Ladies’ Favorites page.

Tailors from Ecuador
Based in London’s Savile Row, the Hidalgo Brothers specialise in bespoke tailoring and alterations. With over 25 years’ experience in the business with clients including Burberry, Jitrois and Tom Ford, the Hidalgo brothers have become synonymous with quality.

Hidalgo Brothers in GQ magazine

If impulse buying in the January sales has left your wardrobe with a few items that don’t quite fit (but the price was too perfect for it not to be in your wardrobe) then we suggest buying the latest issue of GQ and going to p35.

GQ has put together a To-do-list with the help of the Hidalgo Brothers regarding alterations. For more tips check out the latest February issue of GQ or click here for more information on our alteration services.

Property and pinstripes

Specialist property agency entrepreneur, James Saba had something very unusual in mind when he commissioned the Hidalgo Brothers to create him a bespoke suit.

On first glance the pinstripe looks like a regular pinstripe but on further inspection you can see ‘JAMES SABA’ repeated and embroidered in 24 carat gold stitching into the suit.
This 3 piece masterpiece took 3 months to create.

‘Worn on special occasions my suit is everything and more I imagined it to be. The Hidalgo Brothers are the only tailors I would have trusted to take my idea and transform it into a reality.’ James Saba, Director, Saba Properties