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Your Guide To Shopping For A Complete Suit

How to buy your suitWhen it comes to buying a suit there’s a bit more to it than simply choosing a style or a colour. Suits feature a number of components so you’ll need to choose the main function and consider whether you’re looking to buy a complete suit, if it’s for work, special occasions or for another purpose. It’s important to work out what you need before you make your appointment with your tailor so we’ve provided you with the ultimate suit shopping list to make sure every detail is taken care of.READ MORE

Shirt Style: Compliment your suit with the ideal shirt

Everyone knows that a suit is the ultimate in style for a gentlemen but it’s not as easy as just slipping on a suit and automatically being a style sensation. Pulling off a suit is an art which starts with the perfect fit. This is an area in which The Hidalgo Brothers can help with our bespoke suit service.

Another key to pulling off a suit is pairing it with the perfect shirt. Luckily here at 13 Savile Row our services are not limited to suits. We also offer our clients the option to have bespoke shirts made to measure to compliment your new suit.

We carry a wide variety of fabrics and colours to choose from and we always have our bespoke tailors available to help you choose a colour and fabric that match your personality, skin tone and your suit’s design.

But what are the shirt styles gentlemen should be wearing? We have given a wrap up of some timeless styles that every man should own and a few daring trends to try out this season.

Timeless Styles:  For the Classic Gentleman

Crisp White

  • If there is one shirt to invest in, let that be a good quality perfectly tailored crisp white shirt. Better than buying 20 average shirts for the same price an expensive white shirt will bring simple class to every suit with it’s understated and refined quality. A white shirt is spot on when paired with any suit, from a dark navy, to heather grey to classic black and works just as well with a skinny black tie as it does a bold striped or patterned statement tie.

Sky Blue

  • A sky blue shirt in a luxurious fabric and tailored fit complements many suits. Perfect for attending Springtime events when paired with a navy suit in a lighter fabric and a smart pair of tan shoes to bring a more laid back weather appropriate style. A sky blue shirt is also the perfect accompaniment to a pale grey suit with an old fashioned style check pattern.

Inky Black

  • Be careful with the black shirt as it can be easy to take this look from suave to sleazy. The key is keeping it simple. Try pairing with a slim fit black suit with the top button undone for a hot date or with a charcoal grey suit and monochromatic tie for an office appropriate look.

Trends to Try: For the Modern Man

Bold Stripes:

  • The perfect look to try out this spring. Choose a shirt with a thick bold vertical stripe to elongate the body and bring a bit of interest to your look. Stick to classic colours such as black, white, blue and red to avoid taking the look too far out there. Extra points for pairing your stripy shirt with a dapper polka dot tie for a print clash that works oh so well.


  • Not just for the girls anymore, floral is set to be big for the fellas in 2015. Be sure to balance the feminine print out by keeping the rest of your look very simple and masculine. The floral shirt is perfect for a day at the races to stand out from the pack for all the right reasons.


  • As the days lighten up so too should your wardrobe. Inject some soft colour into your wardrobe with a block colour pastel shirt. Whether you go blue, purple or pink, injecting some springtime pastels into your wardrobe in the form of crisp cotton shirts will get you a tick in the style box.

Bespoke shirts can take some time to make, as our tailors follow the same careful process in creating bespoke suits. So don’t hesitate to contact us today and get yourself set for Spring. 

Walking in Style

Walking in StyleNow that you’ve spent money on buying some great business suits from London, you’d think that all you have to do is to wear them to be fashionable. However, it takes more than just a great suit to look sharp. If you want to project the image of being a man about town, ready to take on the world and win, you’ll have to pay a bit more attention to the little details.

Tailored to Perfection: London Bespoke Suits are Worth their Price

While the term “bespoke” has come to describe any piece of clothing that underwent some degree of personalisation and alteration, it is actually a very loose definition of the word. Savile Row bespoke tailors in London like the Hidalgo Brothers would probably object to anyone other than actual bespoke craftsmen using the term to describe their products. To understand their point of view, Modern Gentleman published an article on the differences between the various types of suits available, emphasising the hard work and high quality that goes into a real bespoke suit:

Of London Tailored Suits and Shirts: Some Sharp-Dressing Tips for Men

Renowned rock band ZZ Top once told the world that “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man.” Among all the things most people find attractive in men, sharp-dressing is always included at the top half of the list, and that’s not about to change. However, not every man is exactly particular about the way he dresses, especially most young men in the professional world. As an article on RealMenRealStyle.com noted:

Bespoke Suits from London Tailors Define Class and Distinct Identity

There is but one place, one street where you can buy the best bespoke suits in London—Savile Row. Bespoke suits are custom-tailored to the measurements and preferences of each client, and are made from scratch to ensure a perfect fit. The elegant suits of the British and European nobility in times past were first sold in Savile Row, and the practice has lived on to this day. An article in FORM, Duke University’s official lifestyle magazine, relates:

Trust London Tailors to Improve Your Style and Dress You for Success

If the world is a stage and you’re all actors, what would your costume be? All theatricality aside, your attire shows how you want to be perceived and treated accordingly. Whether you wear the work of London tailors or bargain bin specials, these would speak volumes about you. Selfgrowth.com contributor Sheila Dicks explains in her feature article how the right outfit can be your ticket to the corner office.

Bepoke 3 Piece Suit London

Guide to Purchasing A Three-Piece Bespoke Suit

Bepoke 3 Piece Suit LondonHave you already had several suits made, yet are still looking for a definitive style that exudes an aura of class and elegance? If yes, maybe it’s time that you considered asking your tailor to fashion you several three-piece bespoke suits. An article from Men’s Journal provides an overview of the chic attire:
“A three-piece suit gets noticed. It’s a bit daring, without actually being risky. You’re making a strong visual statement, but in a deep blue or a lightweight gray flannel, you’re still playing it fairly safe. And you don’t have to wear the vest if you don’t want to.It’s also a nice option if you take off your coat at work. You still maintain a sense of formality in shirtsleeves. Haven’t worn a three-piece suit in a while? Or ever? You’ll be surprised at how good you look. Just remember not to button the bottom button on the vest and you’re in the clear.”

A three-piece suit can complete any man’s wardrobe, but only if it’s crafted properly to your measurements by seasoned tailors with wide experience in creating suits and bespoke shirts in London. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to purchasing the perfect three-piece suit:
Your Existing Wardrobe
A three-piece suit is already a bold statement. This means it works best with subdued ties and bespoke shirts. If your wardrobe consists mainly of vibrant colours, you will want to add several subtle tones to it—and bring those to your fittings.
The Vest
The vest is what completes the mystique of the three-piece suit, which is why you must pay close attention to its fit. A vest that is too loose will not hold your tie in place, and will shift around too much underneath your jacket. A vest that is too tight will restrict your breathing.
To test the fit of your vest, wear it standing up and sitting down. Don’t be afraid to take your time and ask your tailor to readjust the vest several times. An ill-fitting vest will ruin a three-piece regardless of how sharp it looks.
If you plan to push through with having a three-piece suit made, be sure to visit an experienced tailor of bespoke suits in London like the Hidalgo Brothers in Savile Row. Remember: a suit is only as graceful as the hands that craft it.
(Source: How to Talk to Your Tailor; Men’s Journal Magazine)

Tapping Skilled London Tailors for Crafting a Lawyer’s Summer Attire

When the English summer is out in full force, lawyers will likely feel the heat and will go for office wear that are more attuned to the times. Simon Crompton, writing for Qualified Lawyer magazine, emphasises an important fact that’s often overlooked in this area:

“Discussions of summer clothing normally miss one obvious point. The modern office worker, particularly a hard-working solicitor, is locked in an air-conditioned environment for much of the day. Linen, cotton or lightweight suits that are optimised for the summer heat are irrelevant. The office may be a little warmer when it’s 30 degrees outside, but then again it might be colder, as the facilities department

overcompensates.Dressing for summer is about being lighter in colour, rather than weight.”

Being a lawyer in London comes with a higher level of prominence and responsibility, given the prominence of the place itself in various fields, including law and justice. This distinction has made the city a veritable battleground for counsels across several courts, with the Old Bailey as the most famous of all. Carrying yourself with ease in court, while still commanding respect, requires dressing formally but comfortably even under the most trying conditions. Experienced London tailors like the Hidalgo Brothers can show you how a lawyer should suit up.


It is common knowledge that darker colours absorb heat and a very dark suit can make you swelter under high temperatures. Thus, the need to temper the tones. Crompton suggests having a mid-grey suit made to complement darker-coloured apparel that’s already in your closet. Blue bespoke suits are also viable for clothes in lighter shades.


The material for your prospect custom suit must be tough even in summertime, as you spend a good deal of the day in cooler indoor temperatures. Heavy Irish linen is touted as effective for a summer suit because it doesn’t crease easily and has sharper lines. Linen mixed with wool, on the other hand, creates a different texture and increases the breathability of the skin. Mohair, meanwhile, has a unique sheen that doesn’t appear artificial; your bespoke suit must use fabric with less than 50% mohair content to retain a good finish.


A well-designed bespoke suit for summer will benefit lawyers in the city who claim that suits help raise confidence in the workplace. With the right suit, a partner or client may place his or her absolute trust in your capability to take on more work.

When custom-made suits are needed for power appearances in summer, a proficient tailor in London like the Hidalgo Brothers can fashion them for you. It can be a game-changer for your career prospects.

(Source: Men’s suits: Dress for the summer, Qualified Lawyer, 13 April 2014)