Colour Coding: A Man’s Guide to Choosing His First Set of London Suits

A nice, sharp suit is the centrepiece of any man’s wardrobe. Every man should own at least one suit; that’s non-negotiable.

Unfortunately, choosing your first set of London tailor fitted suits is no easy task. The wide variety of choices can be overwhelming, as can the stares and jargon. In such cases, take a deep breath and calm down. Then remember these quick tips:

The Material

The choice of material for your suit is entirely up to you. However, wool is the preferred choice for most men; worsted wool for a man’s first suit. Take mental notes of the breathability of each material and choose an appropriate one for the season.

The Colour

The colour of your suit should always match the occasion you plan to wear it to. An article from The Telegraph offers some food for thought:

“Colour-wise, navy and grey are the only two options. Black suits look funereal. Pin- or chalk-striped suits help complement height, although they should be avoided by shorter men as it will not (as many think) make them look taller: quite the opposite.”

If you cannot decide between a navy blue suit and a charcoal grey suit, go with charcoal grey. It’s the most versatile colour as it is presentable in virtually any occasion, which is an especially convenient feature if this suit will be a “single suit”.

The Fit

The fit of a suit is everything. The last thing you want to happen is to look like your suit is wearing you, or to look like you’re wearing your younger brother’s suit. That said, here is a quick way to check the fit of your jacket, taken from the same article:

“When trying on a jacket, check to see if it fits you by placing your hands down by your side, curling your fingers and see if the bottom edge of the jacket sits nicely (perhaps with just a tad excess material) in the cupped fingers – if so, the jacket is a good fit.”

If the sharpest tailor fitted suits in London stores do not offer an ideal fit, you have several options. One would be to have an expert tailor like the Hidalgo Brothers on Savile Row alter the measurements of the suit. Another option would be to look for a tailor that offers made-to-measure suits.

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(Source: Too many men don’t know how to buy suits. Here, once and for all, is how it is done; The Telegraph; August 19, 2013)