Different Dress Codes For Different Events!

You are probably aware that what you wear has a powerful effect on how others feel, think, and behave towards you. Below we have provided our expert advice to assist you in looking your best at every event and to help you create powerful first impressions.

Dress Codes For Men

Business Formal Attire

Look professional and smart. Business garments are commonly donned by businessmen, those in corporate or business settings. Business formal dress codes are characterised by customary suits and ties. Stick to business colours such as black, charcoal, navy blue, grey and brown. You can opt for any lapel of your choice, either notch lapel or peak lapel. To complete the look, be sure to wear it with some black shoes, add accessories such as cufflinks, tie clips, belts, pocket squares, and watches.

Business Casual

A business casual outfit is a style that is not quite as formal as traditional office wear but still designed to render a professional / business-like impression. This dress code is pretty ambiguous and is far more formal than informal. Business Casual is what many people would typically wear to work at the office daily. This usually combines a tailored blazer made from quality fabrics, cotton, long-sleeved button-down shirts and chinos or khakis trousers. Go in for neutral, monochromatic colours, wear straightforward patterns, and dress shoes. No informal sneakers, sandals, or slip-on.


Black Tie attire is worn for formal occasions. A black tie for men typically involves a black suit or a traditional tuxedo, matching trousers, a white shirt, bow tie/long tie, with or without a matching waistcoat/ cummerbund. To round up this look pair it up with black formal shoes and dress socks.

Black Tie Optional

Black tie optional is more open and relaxed than traditional black tie, it is a variant of the standard black tie dress code. So if you’re invited to an event that states black-tie optional as the dress code and you own a tuxedo, wear that. But if not available, put on a suit in a dark colour such as charcoal or black, and pair it with a white dress shirt. It is also recommended to add suit accessories like pocket squares, ties/bow ties, cufflinks, watches and more.

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail attire sits right between business and formal attire. It works better with a tuxedo, blazer, sports, or suit jacket. Pair your suit jacket with matching trousers while the blazers and sports jackets are standalone, you can wear them with any pair of trousers. Complete this look with polished dress shoes, a slim tie if you wish and a little flair with some accessories. Your cocktail suit should have a modern feel and be perfect for nighttime. Darker colour suits/ blazers are the most used but you can opt for other fun colours.


Semi-formal can be a tricky dress code to navigate, it sits a notch above mentioned cocktail attire and just below the black tie. Reasons because semi-formal offers more flexibility than formal attire. Semi-formal dress rules fall under two categories: daytime and evening semi-formal events. And for you to maintain a polished appearance for semi-formal events, select a light suit colour for a daytime event or a dark suit, like navy, for the evening. Add a dress shirt and an optional tie, complement this look with some classic accessories.


Casual is the most relaxed of all and is extremely common. This dress ethic helps set a framework for interpretation, it is correspondingly functional and comfortable. Casual/informal attire is on the increase in business environments, replacing traditional business dress codes, especially in small, family-run operations, young start-ups, creative professions, and the fashion industry. Invest in classic items that never go out of fashion, like jeans, sweaters, sneakers, T-shirts, denim jackets and shackets. You can blend these with basic colours to make coordinating easier.

Smart Casual Clothing

This dress code aims at providing you with an appearance that’s more elevated than your usual casualwear yet still relaxed and comfortable. Smart casual is a merge of casual, business style, and formal business dress codes. It is achieved by blending everyday garments with more sophisticated items. This dress code allows you to pair denim with a shirt and sports coat. Khakis, trousers, ties, smart shoes, and other accessories are great options to bring into the mix.

Ultra Casual Wear

Ultra-casual is the look you might wear when relaxing with your friends. Anything goes in this case, including jeans and sneakers, T-shirt, a sweater or a hoodie, khaki shorts, and more. With ultra-casual, comfort is the primary goal. Just think of an outfit you’d wear to spend all day shopping or hanging out with your friends, nothing too serious.


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