Do Savile Row Prices Reflect the Quality of Work?

Savile Row is famous for producing the world’s finest suits that communicate style and elegance. To understand whether Savile Row prices reflect the quality of work, first, you need to understand what goes into the creation of such a unique garment. 

Fabric Selection

Upon arrival into our boutique, you will be welcomed by our bespoke tailors who will be available to help you choose the colour and fabric that match your personality, your skin tone, and your suit’s design. We offer all our clients a choice of the finest cloths and linings both British and Italian to create their bespoke suit. From exclusive designer fabrics to custom cloth with your name woven in 24 carat gold thread, whatever your vision is we can make it a reality. 

The Measurement Stage

During the measurement stage our attention to detail is second to none, your master tailor will devote a considerable amount of time taking clients’ measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Pattern Cutting & Suit Construction

This is when the suit starts taking shape. Here, the master tailor uses the client’s measurements to cut the fabric and begins stitching to build the initial draft.

The Fitting & Finishing Stage

A half-ready version will be designed for the client to try on, and the tailor will then decipher and adjust all the areas that require alterations. Once that is done, the outfit goes through the pressing stage. Then the client is invited for the final fitting and to take the suit home if satisfied.

Now you understand the process and expertise that go into creating a beautiful bespoke Savile Row suit, you are able to decide for yourself whether Savile Row prices reflect the quality of work.

If you are looking forward to a long-lasting suit that will reflect your personality, the Hidalgo Brothers are eager to help you accomplish that. Get in touch for more information.