Double-Breasted Suit: Why It Is A Staple For Men’s Wardrobes in 2019

When seeing the phrase “Double-breasted suit” many people tend to think about those old shapeless, boxy jackets and oversized mobile phones. No need to worry though, double-breasted jackets these days are nothing like the ones which were popular in the ’80s. These suits are back in favour as they are more elegant than ever with some modern updates and eye-catching styles. You can wave goodbye to those halfway-to-the-knee silhouettes and welcome a neater and shorter design that feels more comfortable and modern.

By now, you probably have a good number of single-breasted, two-button suits stacked in your wardrobe, especially since they are considered by many to be the mainstay of every man’s formal wardrobe. However, if you want to add a touch of flair to your looks in 2019, then you need to step it up. When donning a double-breasted suit, you will be making a statement and raising eyebrows for all the right reasons. This is a must-have outfit, especially for formal and business occasions. There are so many styles and colours to choose from, and so you can choose the type of statement you want to make when donning your double-breasted suit. It is, however, recommended you work with an experienced men’s tailor so you have the perfect fit, an outfit that is crafted specifically for you.

It is quite difficult to think about something sartorially better than a double-breasted suit crafted by some of the best Savile Row suit makers at the moment. This outfit speaks volumes of maturity and elegance, so by investing in this outfit, you will be doing yourself a favour. Your style has a significant effect on your relationships and your professional career as it is commonly said that, “Looking good is good business.” Let Hidalgo Brothers help you take your business to the next level by transforming your style with a statement-making double-breasted suit. Contact us for more information.