Find the Best Women’s Tailor Using These Three Tips!

First impressions do matter, and the first thing most people will notice about you is how well you dress. To create a winning impression, nothing less than perfectly tailored suits will do.

Why is Finding a Women Suit Tailor so Important?

Even when purchasing from high-end brands, women’s bodies are so unique that few suits ever fit perfectly, straight off the rack. The trouble is, not every women’s tailor knows what they are doing either.

Whether you are having yours custom-made, or you simply would like some alterations to the ones you already have, you should only work with a proven tailor. And here is how to find one:

1. Ask for Recommendations

If you can think of any ladies you know who always seem to look sharp in their corporate wear, then chances are, they have a great tailor. Finding the best women’s tailor is often as simple as asking the best-dressed women you know for recommendations. You could also do a simple online search to see what you might find. A good place to start is Yelp.

2. Ask the right questions

Once you have received a few recommendations or have found a few tailors online, the next step is sifting through them by asking technical questions. You can do this over the phone to save you some time.

Esquire suggests that a good question to ask is whether the tailor can shorten a jacket sleeve from the shoulder. Given that this is one of the harder alterations to make, if they can do it, you should be in safe hands.

3. Give them a test

Even if a tailor comes highly recommended, you might still want to give them a small test before you hand over your expensive suits to them. You may do this by handing them an old or cheap jacket to make alterations on. If all goes well, you may then entrust them with your more expensive pieces.

Would you like to skip this process?
We strongly recommend that you don’t skip this process for tailors you have never heard of before. If you do not have the time for this, however, the simplest solution is to hire tailors with a proven record of excellent delivery. How does over 30 years of proven experience sound? That is us, the Hidalgo brothers. We pride ourselves on a strong reputation of being among the best women suit tailor on Savile Row.

To learn more about how we can help you look your best, get in touch with us and book your visit.