Four Amazing Things that Set Hidalgo Brothers Apart from Competition

Hidalgo Brothers is known for the exceptional quality of its products and the efficiency it shows in both tailoring and customer service. We all know, of course, that these are attributes that any other tailor on Savile Row might claim to have, as the street itself is recognized mainly for traditional bespoke tailoring for men.

Our company offers more than surface promises and routine service, though; when we say quality and efficiency, it goes beyond product appearance and timely completion. In fact, there are four specific reasons why our company is different from other shops on the row:

Quick turnaround
Our goal is to make high-quality suits for our clients so they can look like a millionaire, and we can do that in as little as three weeks. When there are issues with fitting, only then will the duration extend, but not too long either. As for alterations, we can complete them in less than a week, depending on the amount of work involved. We also offer same-day alteration services, from trousers to jackets, so you can sit and wait if you prefer.

No hidden costs
Hidalgo Brothers is aware that bespoke and made-to-measure suits are an investment, so we treat our transactions like a gentleman’s agreement. We are upfront with our costs so that billing time would go smooth. We name our price and that covers everything—except delivery, which is an optional cost. Most customers prefer to come back to our shop for a fitting. Those who opt for delivery of the clothing will be charged extra.

In any field, experience is a key to success, and our experience is one aspect we’re extremely proud of. One of our founders, Marco Hidalgo, acquired his passion for tailoring quite early in life, in Ecuador. Passion alone, however, can’t get you that far, and Marco was well aware of it. So when he came to London at 24 to search for opportunities, he served as an apprentice for master tailors on Savile Row. He learned exceptional techniques and craftsmanship from them and polished his skills.

Fur and leather alterations
Both fur and leather are difficult fabrics to work with, but we are up for the challenge. We know how valuable fur or leather coats and jackets are to you. We assure you that we know how to get things right with these fabrics without compromising their quality and condition.

Fast, transparent, highly skilled, and adept with tough fabrics—these are four of the things that make us different. There are more. Find out by calling us at 44-0203-4413369 or dropping by our shop at 2nd Floor, 13 Savile Row, London, W1S 3PH, United Kingdom.