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Happy Clients Talk About the Excellent Service of the Hidalgo Brothers

Creating a tailor-made, bespoke suit demands high-class workmanship, and this is a quality that Marco and Ramon Hidalgo, the owners of Hidalgo Brothers, can boast of. If you’re looking for the best tailors in Savile Row, or for someone who can work with fur and leather, they can meet your needs. Many people attest to the passion and skill that our company puts into our craft:

“I have had three jackets now altered at Hidalgo Brothers and I would go back again even though I live in Wales. Every single time the service was timely and the quality of work was of a high standard. I feel the service was personal and they really listened to what style I wanted with my jacket. I would continue to use Hidalgo Brothers for my alteration needs; highly recommended.”
– Hank Du

“I was very pleased with the alterations to the Mother-of-the-bride outfit that I really wanted to fit well. The Hidalgo Brothers tailor’s, Savile Row did a great job. Nothing was too much trouble with the price up front so there were no nasty surprises. I will use them again and would not hesitate to recommend them.”
– Patricia Langlois

“Excellent work, excellent customer service. Ramon is probably the best kept secret on Savile Row. I took an old suit to be altered about two weeks back and realized it needed a lot of work (it had to be pretty much taken apart and put back together- sleeves, collar, back, chest, trouser waist etc.). For the first fitting, it was a big improvement from the original, but still a bit big and not quite what I was hoping for. Ramon took some more measurements and asked me to come back in two days’ time (he has excellent turnaround times). Well I went back to collect the suit yesterday and I was really pleased with his work. The suit fits almost as well as a bespoke suit, and has better shape and fall than the original. Now here’s the clincher – Ramon did not charge to make the second set of adjustments to the suit. Obviously he takes pride in his work and wants to ensure you’re happy with his work…”
– Raphael R.

For inquiries, you can ring us at +44 (0)20 3441 3369 or (0)20 8616 3397. You can also email us at info@hidalgobrothers.co.uk or pay us a visit at 13 Savile Row, (2nd & 3rd Floor) London, W1S 3PH. Look no further than the Hidalgo Brothers for your tailoring needs! We guarantee the best services for one price, with no hidden costs.