Here Are The 4 Best Savile Row Shops

Embarking on a quest to discover the epitome of bespoke tailoring leads to the legendary Savile Row in London. Esteemed worldwide for its unparalleled craftsmanship, this street harbours the crème de la crème of tailoring, offering an exclusive selection of the best Savile Row tailors in London.

However, within this prestigious enclave, a select few Savile Row tailors stand out for their exceptional skill, tradition, and innovation, setting the standard for sartorial excellence. This guide delves into the heart of Savile Row, unveiling the best Savile Row stores that epitomise the essence of bespoke tailoring.

Whether you’re a discerning gentleman seeking the perfect fit or simply an aficionado of fine clothing, these esteemed Savile Row shops offer a gateway to the pinnacle of personal elegance and style.

The Best Savile Row Stores in London

1. Hildago Brothers, 13 Savile Row

Marco and Ramon are two brothers with 40+ years’ experience in tailoring and expertise in furs and leathers. Since its establishment, the Hildago Brothers’ shop has continued to be very popular among young business owners and established professionals. One of the main reasons why clients opt for this prestigious Savile Row store is the remarkable fusion of old-world tailoring techniques with contemporary styling.

Brands like Tom Ford, Zegna, Hackett, Ralph Lauren, and Dunhill trust the Hildago’s for alterations. This should already tell you a lot about this shop.

2. Richard James, 29 Savile Row

After they set up their shop in 1992 as the first of the ‘new establishment’ tailors on Savile Row, Richard James have rapidly built up a name for themselves. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, they offer a bespoke service, providing clients an in-depth service with multiple consultations.

3. Huntsman, 11 Savile Row

This Savile Row shop has been around since the 19th-century. Huntsman’s initial claim to fame came through a rather niche tailoring service: making equestrian wear for the hunting and riding aristocracy in 19th-century Europe. Since then, they’ve been a thoroughly British brand, going on to tailor clothes for legends.

4. Henry Poole, 15 Savile Row

With an attention to detail that has seen them through over 200 years of tailoring, Henry Poole takes pride in the fact that each and every piece of clothing is made individually by some of the best Savile Row tailors in London.

The History of Savile Row Tailoring and What Sets It Apart

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, London, Savile Row is synonymous with the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring. Its origins trace back to the late 18th century when tailors began to establish their businesses in the area, attracted by its burgeoning reputation as a fashionable district. Over the centuries, Savile Row stores have evolved from crafting military uniforms to becoming the global standard for bespoke menswear. This illustrious journey is not just about the adaptation of tailoring practices but also about the preservation of a meticulous craft that prioritises the individual above all else.

The unparalleled craftsmanship evident in Savile Row London is a testament to the years of training and experience required to reach the pinnacle of this profession. Savile Row tailors in London are not just fabric experts; they are artists who pay attention to the smallest details and ensure that each garment is handcrafted to perfection. The expertise exhibited by Savile Row shop owners allows them to create suits that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the wearer’s silhouette, providing an unparalleled level of confidence and comfort.

A gentleman being fitted in a Savile Row store

Attention to detail is another hallmark of the best Savile Row suits. From the initial selection of fabric to the final stitch, every aspect of the suit is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. This includes using superior materials, such as fine wools, silks, and linens, and incorporating traditional tailoring techniques that have been passed down through generations. This dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures a Savile Row suit is not merely a piece of clothing but a work of art.

Personalisation is at the core of the Savile Row experience. Clients visiting Savile Row stores are involved in every step of the tailoring process, from fabric selection to choosing the style, cut, and details of their suit. This collaborative approach ensures that each garment reflects the individual’s style and preferences, resulting in a truly bespoke piece that is as unique as the person for whom it is crafted.

In a world where fast fashion dominates, Savile Row London remains a bastion of slow fashion, emphasising quality over quantity and craftsmanship over convenience. This commitment to excellence distinguishes Savile Row shops from others around the globe, positioning them as the premier choice for those seeking the ultimate in bespoke tailoring.

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