Here Are The Top 5 Suit Accessories Every Man Should Own

“There’s nothing more attractive than a man in a well-tailored suit”. After you’ve secured yourself an elegant suit, the next best thing you can do is to make that suit stand out in the crowd and to do this, you’re going to have to pair it with some accessories. With the right suit accessories, you can give your suit a personalized flair.

That being said, here are some of the top suit accessories that you consider purchasing as soon as possible:


1. Pocket Squares

A vibrant and colourful pocket square is one of the best ways to add some flair to your bespoke suits or formal suits and make you stand out in the midst of the crowd. You can choose to pick one that highlights the colour of your shirt for a more conservative or you can opt to make it clash with the rest of the outfit to have a more energetic vibe. You can also use a neutral or white pocket square to tone down a loud suit or brightly patterned tie.

2. Tie Bars

With a dual purpose of being functional and fashionable, these small metal clips sure do come in handy. They are usually used to clip the tie, making them wrinkle-free and better positioned. You’re free to opt for a clip that has a design if you’re feeling a bit more expressive or you can just play it safe by sticking to a classy gold or silver-coloured one.

3. Cufflinks

Just like tie bars, cufflinks serve two purposes: functionality and fashion. With the way French cuff shirts are becoming more and more popular, you would need to get yourself a couple of beautiful cufflinks to allow you to wear these shirts with elegance. There’s a never-ending list of styles that you can choose from. These range from clean and simple, to unique one-of-a-kind pieces that could also have their own display in an art museum.

4. Suspenders

Suspenders have been around for a long while now and are still one of the best accessories that a suit wearer should own. It’s amazing to know that you can mix them with just any suit of your choice.
Just make sure not to make the fashion mistake of wearing your suspenders and belt at the same time.

5. Seasonal Scarves

This particular really comes in handy during the colder months. However, there are still light-weighted ones that can be used during the spring and fall seasons. A colourful scarf is one of the best ways you can energy to a boring charcoal suit or black overcoat. Cotton and linen scarves are best for the summer months but opt for wool and cashmere during the winters to stay warm.

While you’re still considering which suit accessories to get first, a reminder that Hidalgo Brothers still remains your number plug for the best suit outfit. Contact us and let’s give you the best fashion experience.