Hidalgo Brothers- How to Walk in Style

Now that you’ve spent money buying some great business suits from the Hidalgo Brothers, you’d think that all you have to do is to wear them to be fashionable. However, it takes more than just a great suit to look sharp. If you want to project the image of being a man about town, ready to take on the world and win, you’ll have to pay a bit more attention to the little details.

A Great Fit

Your fashionable suits may be in the latest style and made of the best fabrics, but it won’t mean anything if they don’t look right on you. In an article for Business Insider, James Wilson emphasised the need for your suits to fit you like a glove:

Jacket length is next in importance as alterations are very tricky. ‘Trendy’ suits can have very short jackets; these can look good but don’t flatter the majority of builds. Stick to the classic length, with the jacket long enough to cover your seat.

Sleeve length and waist are less important to get exactly right off the rack as these can be altered to a certain extent. The sleeve should end exactly at your wrist bone and the waist nipped in to highlight the shape of your torso.

Having a tailor perform the necessary alterations is key to making sure that you project an image of confidence.

Accessorise Right

Thinking that it is only women who need to accessorise is a mistake. Wearing a suit made to measure from the Hidalgo Brothers is part of a total package, and this means that you need to work on the other parts of your image. First, ensure your cuffs peek out of your suit at least half-an-inch, with a pair of simple cufflinks visible. Second, ensure that your tie is fixed right; learn to fasten your tie so that a tie dimple is visible, though inverting it is also a possible choice. Third, you’ll want to pair your suit with the right shoes; invest in a classic pair that has a cap toe, leather soles, and closed laces. Solid black shoes will also work with anything.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Finally, wear the suit right. Never slot in the last button on your suit; you may button the others, but buttoning the last one will make the suit look awkward. Also, if you did button your suit, unfasten it before you sit down as the buttons may pop off if you leave them secure. Additionally, when you first get a suit, cut the threads on the vents and in the pockets; they’re just there to keep the jacket’s shape in the shop, and cutting them off will make the suit fit better.

Wearing a suit made to measure from the Hidalgo Brothers is the beginning of your stylish journey, add the right accessories to it and you will be on the right track. Contact us for more information.

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