Home of the Best Suit Alterations in London

The best suit alterations in London can be found at Hidalgo Brothers on Savile Row. The best-fitting suits are Bespoke suits custom-made for your physique; however, ready-made suits may sometimes be suitable with a few adjustments.

One’s outfit has a significant impact on the first impression one leaves on others, and a man in a suit can be sure to hold a significant head start. Donning a suit that properly reflects the personality of the owner. When shopping for a Suit, it is unlikely you will find one off the rack that has a complete fit, you might need a little snip here, a little tuck there, and there are times when more work is required. Making your way to the place with the best suit alterations in London will help bring that suit to the desired shape.

Different kinds of Suit Alterations

Take in / Let out suit Sides: This is to make the circumference of your suit smaller or bigger by re-sewing the seams.

Lengthen / Shorten the Sleeves: Sleeves are perfect when they start from the shoulder up to the wrist. A suit with no buttonholes can easily be adjusted from the bottom hem compared to that with buttonholes. It can only be altered by taking off the sleeves from the jacket.

Jacket Waist: Suit jackets are altered considering the length of the jacket with that of the pocket balance. Reducing an oversized coat is pretty easy compared to an undersized jacket. Increasing an under-sized suit will be determined by the extra fabric left inside by the manufacturer.

Adjust Lapel Shape: If you do not fancy the peak lapel on your suit, you can change it to a notch lapel or any other lapel style. Suit alterations in London make life easy.

Trouser Alteration: Most off-the-rack suit pants come unhemmed, which means you need to visit a tailor for hemming. Sometimes, the trouser leg can surpass the top of your shoes or be shorter than the ideal length. An alteration expert will adjust that to obtain the right shape and length by hemming the bottom of the leg, taking off a few centimetres.

Savile Row the Home of the Best Suit Alterations in London

Savile Row has produced the world’s finest suits for the top elites of societies. These tailors have decades of experience. It means you can not walk out of Savile Row feeling unsatisfied with your suit.

If you’re thinking about where to go for the best suit alterations in London, you can always count on Hidalgo Brothers. Our uniqueness in providing clients with the exact design for a perfect fit has ranked us among the best Savile Row tailors. Three reasons why you choose us for all your alterations:

We Pay Close Attention to Details

Our process is thorough, as we devote a considerable amount of time and measures to ensure client satisfaction.

Comprehensive Knowledge About Men’s Fashion

With our foremost knowledge in men’s fashion, you can always count on us. Whether you want to reduce an oversized jacket or adding a trendy accent to it, our experts are eager to work with you.

Trust & Transparency

We strive to build trust with the elite at every step. The Hidalgo Brothers have gained the trust of brands like Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Zegna, Hackett, and Dunhill. More reasons why you should also trust us with all your alterations, our prices are transparent, with no hiding cost.

Our wealth of professionalism is seen on every seam, and our team of experts are eager to alter your off-the-rack suit and any custom-made suit that doesn’t give you that wow factor anymore. Get in touch for more information.

Common Questions:

Is suit tailoring worth it?

Getting your suit tailored greatly improves its overall fit, making your suit last longer. A general rule of thumb when it comes to suit tailoring is that the short-term cost is outweighed by the long-term benefit.


How long does suit tailoring take?

Well, that purely depends on who does the work and the changes requested. Full alterations of an entire suit can take up to 4 weeks at commercial tailors., whilst simple jobs like hemming the sleeves and pants can take as little as 1-2 days.