How to Become the 21st Century Man: Dress Smart

Who is the 21st-century man? He is a confident and outspoken man. He is a man of action who dress smart. He takes life by the reigns and rides off to his chosen destination.

Do you want to be like him? Then know this: It all begins will the right wardrobe. And what is a wardrobe without a perfectly tailored suit?!

There are different types of suits to choose from based on your body type and chosen aesthetic.
Here are the three outfits the 21st-century man MUST have:

Dinner Jacket/Tuxedo

As the little black dress is to women so is the dinner jacket to men. This is the jacket you wear to the office dinner, wedding, opera or a gala. It is classy, dapper and timeless.
Make sure to pair it with a good pair of black dress pants and shoes.

3-piece Suit

A three-piece suit is a neat outfit. This is a professional working man’s suit. This silhouette looks great on the 21st-century man as the groom or one of the groomsmen, business meeting with the boss or the first day of work after that big promotion!
The best colours are grey and navy/baby blue and should be styled with black/brown brogues.

Casual Blazer

Last but certainly not least, the everyday blazer. This casual blazer has a relaxed structure that allows long wear time. Throw on the blazer over a casual button-down shirt with the top buttons open. This is your everyday casual workwear. It is comfortable and breathable for those warm days.

At Hidalgo Brothers, we will make these pieces for the 21st-century man who likes to dress smart. Including any accessories, you may use to style them such as bowties, neckties, pocket squares, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or check our website for more attire options.