How To Find The Best London Tailors

Hands down, London is home to some of the best tailors in the world. Working with a bespoke tailor is rewarding for so many reasons. Respectfully once experienced, it is difficult for one to go back to a “one size fits all” approach with clothing. These are our top 5 priorities when looking for the best London tailors.

Understanding of Style

Style is 100% subjective, what one considers trash, another considers treasure. The art of tailoring, however, is unanimous. Same as maths, you’re either good at it or you’re not. Find someone who keeps up with current trends but has their own unique stamp.

Create conversation

Speak to them! Test them. Ask questions you already know the answer to. Ask them about their competition. Learn their prices, learn their history, and learn why they’re passionate about tailoring. It’s also important to remember to not go with tailors who say they can handle everything – they usually prioritise money over quality.


Reviews can easily be obtained online. It’s also useful to know how long a tailor has been in business as some are more experienced than others. In addition, if any friends, family members or work colleagues had work done by a London tailor, seek their recommendations … you could be eligible for a discount.

Go With Your Gut

Sometimes we are a little indecisive and that’s OK. That’s why we always have that “gut feeling” nudging us to take one direction over the other. Apply that intuition to your choice of a London tailor and thank yourself later. After all, you don’t want to break the bank and have a wardrobe full of regret.

Location, Location, Location!

Take a trip to Savile Row. The best restaurants are neighbours with one another, luxury high-rise real estate projects are typically found in city centres, and Silicon Valley is home to an abundance of thriving tech start-ups. The congregation of business like-mindedness is no different in the tailoring world. Savile Row is where mastery resides and is home to more than 20 leading tailors, some of which have been there for more than a century. A plethora of the best London tailors awaits you.

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