How to Style Your Favorite Modern Suit by Hidalgo Brothers

What is a modern suit? Well, the modern suit is the suit that is tailor-made to suit your lifestyle. A lawyer in and out of delegations will need a different suit from an athlete attending a gala dinner.

How to Style the Modern Suit

Men’s fashion trends are always evolving, luckily, we have four seasons, so there are different fun ways to dress your suit. Follow these simple rules to style your modern suit, with ease.


During the colder months of autumn and winter, pair your suits with warm-coloured shirts, turtlenecks, and slim sweaters, and do the opposite for the other times in the year. Studies have shown that seeing warmer colours during the cold automatically makes you feel warm and seeing cooler colours makes you feel cool!


Coats are necessary during the cold which we are in, right now. The same rule applies. Darker colour coats bring a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your overall outfit. It works every time!


Don’t forget socks to keep those toes warm. When it comes to shoes, we know there are different types. Oxfords are wearable all year round, Cap toes and Monkstraps are also great choices. Whatever you do, do not wear suede when there is snow outside. It will ruin them.



Your most important accessory at this time is SCARVES! Chunky, knitted scarves that will keep you warm, out and about. Always leave a scarf at work and in the car for those days when you’re darting out of the house: we always forget the most important things when running out of the house, in a hurry.

Being up to date with men’s fashion trends in 2021 can be tough, so this guide is how to style your unique Bespoke modern suit. Pay us a visit for an appointment and let Hidalgo Brothers show you the best suit for you.