Italian Fashion and its Influence on Modern-Day Fashion

Italian fashion is the foundation of modern-day international fashion houses and companies. It is known for complex simplicities. Clean-cut designs that delve into centuries of rich history and culture condensed into one singular item.

Such translation of flawless creativity can most certainly, only be done by an Italian designer.

Italy has produced some of the most talented and dedicated designers such as Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, just to name a few.

Italy isn’t just known for creating original clothing masterpieces such as couture gowns and suits but also unique accessories like shoes, handbags and jewellery.

Giuseppe Zanotti, Dario Scapitta, AnnaMaria Zanella, Giancarlo Montebello are just some of the big names in this niche industry of accessories and jewellery.

At Hidalgo Brothers, we are in the business of making Bespoke suits and how can we talk about suits and not mention, you guessed it, Italy!

There are different kinds of suits but none like the Italian suit. It is characterised by two button stance, no vents on the suit jacket and no breaks on the trousers.

It is tailored close to the body giving a very fitted and Bespoke look. The inspiration behind this suit is dedicated to Italian fashion.

The Italian suit is a great fit for the dapper classy man who seeks personal, unique style beyond the clothing racks of mainstream stores.

He is powerful and his suit speaks to that. For this reason, we pride ourselves in creating the best Bespoke suits for our clients. From fabric choice down to in-house accessories such as cufflinks, we create…. masterpieces.

Not fashion related but it is worth mentioning the wine, cheese and pasta the nation of Italy is known for.


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