London Tailors: What Makes a Man Truly Stylish?

How can the best London tailors make a man truly stylish? To many, David Gandy is the ultimate male supermodel. Men want to be like him, and women dream of being with him. And he’s not just about good looks- he’s also got the brains to match that well-chiselled physique. Gandy writes about men’s lifestyle for daily newspaper The Telegraph, and in one of his articles, he delves into the issue of what makes a man truly stylish.

He cites Paul Newman and Steve McQueen as men who, “because of the people they were, with their confidence and inherent coolness, their powerful characters made whatever they wore instantly stylish.”

“It’s often the small details that can make a huge difference and set the men apart from the boys, from the colour of a watch strap to a man’s shoes. Being individual and not caring about what other people think is important to me when thinking about personal style, rather than following trends or the crowd. Perhaps style is in the eye of the beholder, but for me it’s a blend of knowing how to dress to suit your own shape and personality, individualism, confidence and character.“

It is the style that makes the suit

Innately stylish men like Gandy believe that style has more to do with a man’s character than his wardrobe. For them, dressing well goes far beyond looking good in a coat and tie- it’s more about having a personal sense of style that fits whatever context one is in at a given point in time. So whatever the occasion calls for, embrace it. Listen to your inner character and let it guide your choice of garments.

David says that a stylish man can have an entire outfit “made up of non-designer clothes, and he will still look sharper than a guy wearing an outfit five times the price if he has his own well-defined sense of style.” This is an effective frame of mind to be in when you’re talking to London tailors about providing you with a bespoke suit.

Going bespoke

The term ”bespoke clothing” refers to an outfit made to match a person’s specific measurements. Bespoke suits are particularly expensive because a personal pattern is drafted, cut, and sewn by hand using the finest cloth materials. London tailors who create bespoke clothing are the best in the business, so you know you’re in good hands. They’ll be the ones to approach when you want suits that let your personal style shine through.

A bespoke suit from the best London tailors is what you need to improve your style. Get in touch with the Hidalgo Brothers to guide you through this sartorial transition.

(Source: What makes certain men more stylish?, The Telegraph, May 4, 2014)