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Obtaining a suit that fits perfectly can not be purchased off the shelf, only a bespoke suit can give you that perfect fit you seek. But today we realize that a good number of men are into ready-to-wear suits.

Have you lost some weight and your suit does not fit like before, or you just bought a ready-to-wear suit and the pant is too long, or the jacket too big? Then you will need a suit alternations expert to bring that suit to the desired shape and fitting. For the records, no one knows how to alter like a tailor, especially the tailors at Savile Row street.

An excellent suit alterations expert like the Hidalgo Brothers is ready to make a high street suit look a whole lot more expensive. You will be able to achieve the look and have the feeling like you are wearing a bespoke suit. Check out the suit alterations services we render.

Suit Alterations Services offer at Hidalgo Brothers

1. Take in / Let out Suit sides

To make the circumference smaller or bigger by re-sewing seams. It is to make the suit fit so well by adjusting either; the hips, the waist, or the chest area.   

2. Shorten / Lengthen Suit Sleeves

Adjusting a sleeve without buttonholes is easier compared to the one with buttonholes. This sleeve type needs to be shortened by taking off the sleeves from the jacket and cut down. This is unlike the case of no buttonhole that can be adjusted from the bottom hem.

3. Shorten / Lengthen Suit Jacket

We can alter your suit jacket considering the length of the jacket with that of the pocket balance.

If the jacket is not sizable on your body, we can help add the jacket by 1-2 while considering the amount of fabric left inside by the manufacturer. For that oversize suit, we will reduce some material inside depending on your size and fitting.

4. Adjusting Suit Lapel Shape

Suit alterations make life easy. You can change the lapel of a suit if you despise it. With Us, you can change your notch lapel to a peak lapel. Yes, this is possible!

5. Shorten / Lengthen Trouser

If you want your pants shortened, we can do that for you, and if you want it long, this is also possible. The majority of quality pants come with extra fabric at the bottom inside and are sold unhemmed. If your trousers are showing off your socks a little, we will let them down for you. Any extra material will be turned into cuffs if pleasing to you.

6. Taper Suit pants

Hidalgo Brothers experts will make your pants narrower. Since the trouser legs cannot be made longer, they can be tapered from the knee to the bottom.

Why Choose Us

Our wealth of professionalism reflects on every seam, creating the utmost satisfaction from our customers. Our prices are transparent, and you will pay the exact amount quote at the end.

Choose a tailor that will handle your suit with care, and you will have no regrets spending your money and time. With our 40 years of outstanding experience, your perfect classic look is a guarantee. Get in touch with us for more information.