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How to Meet a President - Hidalgo Brothers
Personalised Suit Fabric

When the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi met with President Barack Obama on January 25th, he met in style. The meeting should have been remembered for the important talks between the two super powers but instead fashion took over.

In a move that will ensure he leaves his mark, Prime Minster Modi wore a suit with his name printed on it thousands of times. President Obama was obviously impressed with Modi’s dress sense as he was quoted saying, ‘So he’s tough. And he also has style.’

Here at the Hidalgo Brothers we have been providing the same highly bespoke service to our selected clients since 2011.

We take the normal pinstripe to another level by weaving your name in 24 carat gold stitching into the fabric of your suit which gives the effect of perfect pinstripes. The cloth takes 6 weeks to hand-make  the first fitting is after 3 weeks with a further 2 weeks needed to finish the suit.

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