Mens Fashion- Subtle Tips That Will Polish Your Look

It is really hard to talk about mens fashion in 2019 without mentioning tailored suits. Just think about iconic figures like David Beckham and James Bond for a second, what do they have in common? A combination of the perfectly fitting suit and the ability to wear it correctly. This has become the logo of today’s modern man.

That said, working with a great mens tailor and knowing some common mistakes to avoid when wearing a suit is a great way to polish your look. You can even do more by following these subtly tips that will certainly take your mens fashion game to the next level.

  1. Fasten the middle button on your two- or three-button jacket. Never fasten the bottom button.
  2. Always undo your button when sitting down; this won’t only make you feel more comfortable, but it will also ensure your button does not pop off.
  3. When donning a tie, make sure it is darker than your shirt and sits just above your belt or the waistband of your pants. It should neither be shorter nor longer. The width of your tie at its widest point should also match the width of your lapel at its widest point.
  4. Not feeling like putting on a belt? Suspenders are a great alternative to improve your mens fashion game.
  5. Make sure your shoes and tie are of the same colour. This creates a more cohesive look.
  6. Complete your outfit with some great accessories like a watch (avoid sports watches when donning a suit), pocket squares, tie bars, cufflinks etc.
  7. Last but certainly not least, make sure your outfit is pressed or ironed.

Following these subtle tips will certainly take your mens fashion game to the next level. However, it is worth noting that these tips work best when donning a perfectly fitting suit. Contact the Hidalgo Brothers to make your sartorial dreams a reality.