Luxury Menswear and Tailoring: Men’s Made-to-Measure suits

For those workdays, leisure weekends, and vacations, you need the right outfits that provide full comfort. Looking into the luxury of menswear, which is in several categories business wear, formal wear, casual wear, outerwear, and athletic wear, you’ll notice almost 60% require a classic suit. These men suiting comes in three types: Off the rack suits,  made-to-measure suits, and bespoke suits.

One rule of men suiting is to always feel comfortable and confident in a classic suit. And as a gentleman who always wants to make the right first impressions, needs some pairs of suits in his wardrobe. 

If you are on a budget, but still want something classic, then you should go in for men’s made-to-measure suits. These suits are less costly as compared to a bespoke and are unique compared to an off-the-rack costume. 

With men’s made-to-measure suits, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your fabric, the lapel style, the number of bottoms, and have more control. These suits are made from pre-existing patterns, and tailors ensure you leave with a perfect fit.

Different Styles of Men’s Made to Measure Suits

The Basic Suit

Basic suits are the regular day-to-day suits. This suit style is often single-breasted and comes in a two-piece. It usually has notched lapels, sometimes peaked, flap pockets, or a small ticket pocket, and plain sleeve cuffs to finish the appearance. 

Men’s Made to Measure Business Suit

A single and double-breasted style is acceptable for a business look. Business suits are famous for their versatility. After an exhausting day, you could simply make a few changes and you’re ready for a social event. Some preferred colours for this style are navy, charcoal, and darker shades.

Formal Suit Style

Formal suits are elegant, well-defined suits, higher than the basic suit style. It comes in either single or double-breasted style, has modern and a slim fit, with either a shawl or notched lapel, a flap, or jetted pockets, with four-button sleeve cuffs. This suit style is perfect for weddings and events where you deliberately want to stand out.

The Tuxedo 

A tuxedo is known as a dinner suit and is also suitable for wedding events and formal occasions. It usually comes in navy blue or black and features grosgrain or satin shawl lapels with jetted pockets. The buttons are covered with the same fabric as the lapel.

Where to Get Men’s Made to Measure Suits

Mayfair street reminds the number one busiest street in menswear. Savile Row tailors have maintained the history of men’s bespoke and made-to-measure suits for decades. 

Looking at these creative handicraftsmen is Hidalgo Brothers. We believe that suit and all its elements reflect the personality of its owner. And it’s only natural that men’s suit styles remain as dynamic as life itself, so our tailors put in their best to ensure you have an ideal fitted suit.

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