Panama Hats Hidalgo Style

With Panama hats being originally produced in Ecuador, we at the Hidalgo Brothers wanted to start offering our clients “HB” branded Panama’s. With this in mind, we are now expecting our hats to be ready for sale from early summer.

Being one of the world’s most recognizable headwear it’s not surprising that the creation of Panama hats has been added to the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. This is because the making of these hats is considered a rich, intricate part of Ecuadorian heritage. Despite being from Ecuador, Panama hats got their name as most were made in Ecuador and then shipped to Panama where they were shipped to the rest of the world.

Even though a Panama hat has a similar appearance to the fedora, the two styles actually have nothing to do with each other. While the most common style of Panama hat has an appearance similar to the fedora, the appearance isn’t the important part. When someone refers to a Panama hat, they are more specifically referring to the style in which the hat has been made. These hats are woven from straw, traditionally the Carludovica palmata plant.

As a Panama hat refers to the production style instead of the fashion style, this means that you can get a Panama hat for just about any occasion you care to mention. However, due to the straw-like appearance of a Panama hat, they’ve mostly come to be associated with tropical fashions.

For all your men’s wear, including suits and hats, contact the Hidalgo Brothers today and let us put you ahead in the fashion world with a style that cannot go unnoticed.