Savile Row London- Why Visit this Famous Suiting Street

If you are a lover of high-end tailored suits then you have surely heard a thing or two about Savile Row London. Savile Row London is probably the most popular suiting street in the world. Located in Mayfair, Savile Row has been home to some of the best men’s tailors for centuries. Savile Row tailors have crafted suits for some of the most influential and iconic people in the world; from Winston Churchill and Napoleon III to David Beckham and Tom Cruise. So, why do you need to visit this famous street?

If you are someone with attention to detail and you are looking for perfectly tailored outfits, then Savile Row London should be the first place to visit. Going bespoke is one of the best decisions you will make when it comes to your overall style. If you are asking, why can’t I settle for quality off-the-rack suits? The answer relies heavily on the fit of the suit. It is important to note that, though off-the-rack suits could be made using quality fabrics, they are made in standard sizes for a great majority of customers. This means you will still need to go for suit alteration services to improve the fit.

Going for the bespoke or made-to-measure option is the best way to ensure you get an outfit that will not only fit you perfectly but will also match your unique style and speak in your favour. With bespoke tailoring, you are only limited by your imagination as you have access to thousands of fabrics, styles and patterns. The amount of time, efforts, expertise and quality of fabrics involved when crafting a bespoke suit also means that you will be enjoying that outfit for a very long time.

Don’t aim for anything less than unique. Savile Row London is the gold standard for menswear. Visit the Hidalgo Brothers in Savile for perfectly fitting suits. Contact us for more information.