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If you’re thinking tailored suits in London, there is one place that likely comes to mind, and that will be Savile Row, London. This Mayfair street has a pretty impressive historical record, including being one time home to both the Royal Geographical  Society and the Beatles. Nowadays, when you think of Savile Row, what probably comes to mind are excellently tailored, bespoke suits. Savile Row is now home to some of the world’s finest tailors, with none more so than the Hidalgo brothers.

Tailored suits are a favourite for business executives, sports stars, politicians, and basically, everyone who needs to make a sharp first impression. At the Hidalgo Brothers, we have racked up an impressive reputation for being among the very best suit makers on Savile Row, London — which probably earns us a claim to a spot on the list of the very best tailors worldwide. If you are looking to get a cutting edge bespoke suit commissioned, by now you probably know to come to the Hidalgo Brothers. But in case you are still thinking about it, here are three reasons to convince you:


Savile Row london


1. We have a History of Success

We have been doing this for a long time—decades of service beginning in 1989, have provided us with ample time to perfect our craft. Today, among the many things we excel at, we are the only Savile Row suit makers who work with fur and leather at an expert level. Whether you need a bespoke suit or simply would like to have some alterations done on your older suits, we understand what you need and will have little or no difficulty in bringing your suits to life.

2. We work only with the Best Quality Materials

Great skill must be combined with high-quality material in order to produce a befitting suit. We understand this, and that is why all of our suits are made from material sourced primarily from England and Scotland, along with some Italian cloths.

3. Our Process is Thorough

When you come to us to have a bespoke suit commissioned, or even just to have alterations made to your old suits, the process begins with extensive measurement. This is what allows us to create suits that precisely fit the nooks and crannies of your unique body.

Come to the Best Tailors on Savile Row, London

If looking good matters to you, pay us a visit soon! If you would like to enquire about bookings or anything else, please get in touch with us right away!