Savile Row Made-To-Measure Suits – Is It Worth It?

For decades now, Savile Row has held the enviable status of being home to some of the world’s best tailors and made-to-measure suits. Through the long and distinguished history of this London street, these tailors have served many of the members of the wealthy upper class in London, evolving to serve a much larger market today. Tailored to perfection, Savile Row made-to-measure suits are a great choice for any gent serious about looking smart in a semi-formal-to-formal setting.

Why Choose Savile Row Made-to-Measure Suits

Top Savile Row made-to-measure suits, while technically a step lower than full-scale bespoke suits, are tailored to suit the precise specifications of individual clients.  These are made from pre-existing patterns and tailored to perfectly suit the unique contours of each individual’s frame. Given, however, that a made-to-measure Savile Row suit can be comparatively costly upfront, it is understandable if you are wondering whether, in spite of the advantages, they will be worth the investment. Here are three reasons why the answer is a clear yes:

Boost Your Confidence

As anyone who operates in the high stakes world of business or politics will tell you, appearances are extremely important and can have a great impact on how your colleagues, superiors, and even clients will interact with you. If having an edge matters to you, then made-to-measure shirts and suits or bespoke ones will be an important investment.

Less intensive process

As made-to-measure suits require a less intensive process than bespoke suits, these provide an easier entry route to the world of customised suits for people who might not quite be ready to invest in a bespoke suit.

Why You Should Choose Hildago Brothers Made-to-Measure Suits

A man wearing a Savile Row made-to-measure suit

When you come to the Hidalgo Brothers, what you get are the best made-to-measure suits that boost your confidence and protect your style, helping you stand out even in a crowd of well-dressed gentlemen. While you will generally be spoilt for choice on Savile Row, here are three reasons why you should choose the Hidalgo Brothers for your made-to-measure suits:

Our History Speaks for Itself

Having opened our doors in 1989, we have successfully provided top quality services to numerous satisfied clients. Our lengthy experience has also served to deepen our expertise, and today, we are proud to note that we are the only Savile Row tailors who work with fur and leather at an expert level.

Our Process is Thorough

Here, our suit tailoring process is thorough. We take our time to extensively and precisely measure and fit to perfection. Whether you need a freshly tailored 3-piece made-to-measure suit or you are simply making alterations, our extensive process ensures that the end result surpasses your expectations.

We Work With the Highest Grade of Material Only

When we combine great skill with high-quality materials, the results are impeccable, and this is why we work only with the best quality materials mainly from England and Scotland, with a few from Italy.

Get Your Savile Row Made-to-Measure Suits From the Hidalgo Brothers

If you are looking for comfort and style, with perfect-fitting, Savile Row made-to-measure suits that make you stand apart from everyone else, visit us right away! We would love to speak to you to provide more information or book a visit if you would contact us right away.


1. What is Savile Row?

Savile Row is a street in Mayfair, London, known for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men. The term “bespoke” is understood to have originated here, stemming from the tailors who worked on the row and would make clothing to the “specifics” or “bespoke” for the customer.

2. What’s the difference between a Savile Row made-to-measure suit and a bespoke suit?

While both made-to-measure and bespoke suits are custom tailored, there are key differences. Made-to-measure suits start from a standard pattern which is then adjusted to fit the client. Choices like fabric, lining and minor design adjustments can be personalised, but the overall style and cut are somewhat standardised. In contrast, a bespoke suit is crafted entirely from scratch based on the client’s measurements, with every detail, including style, cut, fabric, lining, and details such as buttons and pockets, completely customisable.

3. How do I maintain my Savile Row custom-made suit?

These suits are made from high-quality materials and require proper care to maintain their look and longevity. You should dry-clean your suit sparingly – only a few times a year – as the process can be harsh on the fabric. Instead, use a suit brush to remove dust and dirt, and steam rather than iron to remove wrinkles. Always hang your suit on a proper hanger to maintain its shape. Finally, consider rotating your suits if you wear them regularly to allow them to rest and breathe.