Savile Row Prices – Why They Are Worth Your Investment

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, London, Savile Row is a byword for the epitome of tailored sophistication. The street has long been revered as the cradle of bespoke tailoring, where meticulous craftsmanship meets timeless style. However, the elevated Savile Row suit prices and the overall Savile Row suit cost often prompt discerning individuals to ponder whether these garments truly merit their investment.

This article aims to demystify the factors that contribute to the pricing of these esteemed creations. Not one suit is ever the same. With that in mind, here is a list of reasons why Savile Row suit prices are worth your investment.

Why Savile Row Suit Prices are Worth Your Investment

1. Longevity

So, how much is a Savile Row suit? A Savile Row suit can cost you anywhere between £1,000 and £50,000, sometimes more depending on personal needs. But in the long term, is a bespoke suit really that much more expensive than an off-the-rack suit? Let’s take into consideration that an off-the-rack suit will have to be replaced once a year or every 6 months depending on quality, isn’t it more worthwhile to invest in a custom-made suit that can and will last you up to 8 years? We definitely think so, and with fashion being one of the world’s largest contributors to climate change and global warming it’s a no brainer that bespoke suits are more sustainable. In the short term, a bespoke suit is more expensive but in the long term, you’ll end saving more money plus helping the environment.

2. Mastery

Mastery resides at Savile Row. Only a fortunate select few are eligible to set up shop. You really have to be unique and bring something to the bespoke suits table that otherwise hasn’t been seen or done before. Typically, the art of learning the skill of tailoring is performed in an apprenticeship setting between master teach to student. Once the student becomes the master, he or she is then equipped to do the same and pass on the knowledge. This tradition has been carried out since the 1100s and is showing no signs of slowing down especially when taking into consideration the various advancements in fashion and tailoring in general.

3. Attention To Detail

From the design to the cut, to the fitting and to the finishing, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a suit specifically made for you. Here are a few outlets on why Savile Row suit costs are worth every dime.

savile row suit prices

4. Fabrics

The seasons change four times every year therefore our attire must also match the weather. At Hidalgo Brothers, much attention goes into fabric selection. We always take into consideration what will work best in cooler and warmer climates.

Linen for example doesn’t stick to the skin and is an ideal choice for workwear and professional functions. Additionally, its light feel makes it perfect for spring and summer.

Cotton allows for ventilation and is one of our favourite fabrics to work with because of its versatility. Generally speaking, there are five different types of cotton – canvas, chambray, chenille, chintz and corduroy. All of which have different functionalities. The lighter cotton can be used in summer and the thicker cotton can be used in winter. This is why we love it!

Wool is soft, durable and wrinkle-free. Because the material is denser, wool makes the best option for cool or cold days. Moreover, wool is a favoured fabric amongst tailors everywhere.

5. Alterations

Transform your retail suit into a tailored masterpiece. There is a vast range of benefits that come with suit alterations, most notably acquiring the right fit. Retail suits typically have a generic fit and are made for the masses. Because each and every one of us is built differently, it would make sense to own something that feels good, looks good and provides freedom with mobility.

On the other hand, you may just want to renew your wardrobe. Some suits hold special memories e.g. Your first job or what you were wearing when you met your spouse. Because of this, it’s hard to rid of garments that’ve been gathering dust over the years. This is where suit alterations come in handy. Rework the suit alterations come in handy.

6. Made To Measure

Our Made to Measure service make use of existing patterns adjusted to fit the individual. The method is quicker and more cost-effective, consequently appealing to younger generations as bespoke suits typically cater for older, more affluent men.

Made to measure is especially useful if one has an important engagement and needs something that looks great. For the most part, you will enjoy some of the essential features of bespoke tailoring – great fit, quality, fabrics and some degree of personalisation but it will be considerably cheaper plus a quicker turnaround.

 7. Plethora of Choice

Savile Row as stated before was founded in 1735 on a plot of land owned by tailor merchant William Maddox. Today it is home to more than 20 tailors, some of which have been in business for more than a century. Nevertheless, Savile Row traders set the standard for tailoring merchants that are readily available for different and specific needs. This street hands down is solely the best place to get a suit. The capacity to float from one store to another and ask the same questions you already know the answer to. Naturally, there’s much accountability when one can find much of the same thing in the same geographical location.

 8. Lifetime Partner

Having a tailor will be a similar relationship to your barber or hairstylist. He or she is your go-to and no one else is capable to get the job. In the tailoring world, that’s how it should be and these personal-professional relationships are mutually beneficial.

Hidalgo Brothers were founded by brothers Marco and Ramon. Their love for tailoring began growing up in Quito, Ecuador where they learnt the craft from their uncle. Marco decided to take his career further and moved to London, working as one of Savile Row’s tailors for Norton and Sons. Mastering his craft from some of the finest tailors in London, in 1989 he established his own tailoring brand and when joined by his brother Ramon, Hidalgo Brothers was born.

The Hidalgo name has a long association with fine tailoring in which passion and purpose is instilled into every suit. This is what set us apart from the crowd and why our unique services can’t be found anywhere else or in another setting.

Women Suits and Prices

In modern times, we have seen women suits become increasingly popular whether, in a professional or casual setting, it’s no longer uncommon for a woman to wear a suit.

In the workplace, women are typically taken more seriously when their choice of work clothes emulate that of their male colleagues. Some women however still wish to feel feminine and are stylish so it’s important to understand that style must simultaneously be balanced with authority.

In general, tailoring for women is considerably more creative and fun as there’s more choice for styling, colours and fabrics. A feminine approach would be dictated by a woman’s curves and her natural body shapes. An androgynous approach would equally work well for both men and women and a masculine approach would include strong shoulders, a straight fit and a V-shaped jacket. It’s common knowledge in the tailoring world that the best tailors for women are those who specialise in menswear.

Look no further than Hidalgo Brothers to take care of your bespoke suits and shirting needs. We have a dedicated, experienced and competent team ready and willing to cater to your every need.

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Common Questions:

Why Savile Row tailored suits are worth the investment?

There are three key reasons: Suit longevity, tailoring mastery & precise attention to detail.


What is Hidalgo Brothers’ Made to Measure service?

Our Made to Measure service make use of existing patterns that are adjusted to fit the individual. The method is quicker and more cost-effective than alternatives.