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Savile Row Tailors list | The Best Place For Men's Fashion

It is no secret that donning a bespoke or made to measure suit will make you look your best, and this is really important because a perfect fitting-outfit could be what you need to stand above the crowd. What was once considered high-end has now become a man’s best business card. Bespoke suits have the potential to speak for you and represent your personality in every occasion of your life. It is easy for anyone to pull an off-the-rack suit from a local store, but if you really want to look your best, then you will need a suit made by a Savile Row tailor. It for this reason that we crafted a Savile Row tailors list that will help you make an informed choice.

Savile Row is one of the most popular destinations for men’s fashion in the world. It is home to world-renowned tailors and some of the best artisans in the men’s fashion industry. Savile Row suit makers have crafted outfits for countless royals and dignitaries, and hopefully one of the suit makers in our Savile Row tailors list will be making your next made to measure suit. 

1. Gieves & Hawkes;
No. 1, Savile Row, London.
They are considered by many to be one of the best bespoke tailoring houses in the UK. They have extensive experience and have crafted outfits for the British Royal Family, the British Army and the Royal Navy. Their bespoke suits are hand made from start to finish.

2. Anderson & Sheppard;
32 Old Burlington Street, London.
This institution has been making outfits for some of the most powerful men in the world since 1906. They are a popular Savile Row tailoring house whose mission is to craft comfortable and elegant men’s clothing. They simply can’t be ignored.

3. Henry Poole;
15 Savile Row, London.

This is a family-run business boasting more than 200 years of tailoring experience. They are often called the “Founders of Savile Row. Every piece of clothing here is made from scratch, combining traditional methods with a modern approach. If they were good enough for Winston Churchill, then you simply can’t doubt their potential.

This Savile Row tailors list simply cannot be complete without mentioning the Hidalgo Brothers. We provide a unique tailoring experience to each client, crafting suits that will fit you like a charm. Your bespoke suit can only be as good as your tailor that is why you need to start your sartorial journey with us. Contact us for more information.