Shirt Style: Complement Your Suit With the Ideal Shirt

Everyone knows that a suit is the ultimate in style for a gentleman but it’s not as easy as just slipping on a suit and automatically being a style sensation. Pulling off a suit is an art that starts with the perfect fit, but having a great shirt style makes it even better. This is an area in which The Hidalgo Brothers can help with our bespoke suit service.

Another key to pulling off a suit is pairing it with the perfect shirt. Luckily here at 13 Savile Row, our services are not limited to suits. We also offer our clients the option to have a bespoke Saville row shirt made to measure to complement your new suit.

We carry a wide variety of fabrics and colours to choose from and we always have our bespoke tailors available to help you choose a colour and fabric that match your personality, skin tone and your suit’s design.

But what are the shirt styles gentlemen should be wearing? We have given a wrap up of some timeless styles that every man should own and a few daring trends to try out this season.

Timeless Styles: For the Classic Gentleman

Crisp White:

If there is one Saville Row shirt to invest in, let that be a good quality perfectly tailored crisp white shirt. Better than buying 20 average shirts for the same price an expensive white shirt will bring simple class to every suit with its understated and refined quality. A white shirt is spot on when paired with any suit, from a dark navy, to heather grey to classic black and works just as well with a skinny black tie as it does a bold striped or patterned statement tie.

Sky Blue

A sky blue shirt in a luxurious fabric and tailored fit complements many suits. Perfect for attending Springtime events when paired with a navy suit in a lighter fabric and a smart pair of tan shoes to bring a more laid back weather-appropriate style. A sky blue shirt is also the perfect accompaniment to a pale grey suit with an old fashioned style check pattern.

Inky Black

Be careful with the black shirt as it can be easy to take this look from suave to sleazy. The key is keeping it simple. Try pairing with a slim fit black suit with the top button undone for a hot date or with a charcoal grey suit and monochromatic tie for an office-appropriate look.

Trends to Try: For the Modern Man

Bold Stripes:

The perfect look to try out this spring. Choose a shirt with a thick bold vertical stripe to elongate the body and bring a bit of interest to your look. Stick to classic colours such as black, white, blue and red to avoid taking the look too far out there. Extra points for pairing your stripy shirt with a dapper polka dot tie for a print clash that works so well.


Not just for the girls anymore, floral is set to be big for the fellas in 2015. Be sure to balance the feminine printout by keeping the rest of your look very simple and masculine. The floral shirt is perfect for a day at the races to stand out from the pack for all the right reasons.


As the days lighten up so too should your wardrobe. Inject some soft colour into your wardrobe with a block colour pastel shirt. Whether you go blue, purple or pink, injecting some springtime pastels into your wardrobe in the form of crisp cotton shirts will get you a tick in the style box.

Bespoke shirts can take some time to make, as our tailors follow the same careful process in creating bespoke suits. So don’t hesitate to contact us today to improve your shirt style.