Style Guide: Bespoke Winter Suit

As a gentleman who pays close attention to their appearance, a drop in temperature should not equate to a decline in your fashion game. The answer? Bespoke winter suits.

Ideally, you’d probably want to invest in suits for year-round wear. But, realistically, there’s no such thing as “suits for all seasons,” as you will end up putting them at the back of your wardrobe in favour of more comfortable and weather-appropriate outfits when you start feeling the sudden chill in the air.

You have a better option, though, especially if you want to maintain that classy and stylish look.

Invest in bespoke suits. Why?

Because comfort is a top priority when it comes to bespoke clothing, and to make that a reality, these outfits are tailored for specific seasons and occasions.

Bespoke Summer vs Bespoke Winter Suits

Summer bespoke suits are made using light and thin breathable fabrics that promote airflow to cool your body during the warmer seasons. Bespoke tailors take the opposite approach when it comes to colder seasons, as they go for heavier and thicker fabrics that will keep you warm while maintaining a classy appearance.

So, what does a bespoke winter suit from Hidalgo Brothers look like?

When it comes to tailored winter suits, the first thing you will need to consider is the fabrics. For your everyday bespoke winter suits, you won’t go wrong with wool (or worsted wool for a more polished appearance) or flannel, as they naturally keep you warm while wicking moisture away.

Alternatively, you can go for the versatile velvet fabrics that will shelter you from the cold outdoor winter winds, while providing a cosy feeling once you use the heater inside. Velvet will also provide you with a charming and classy look that will elicit a positive impression.

For special occasions, cashmere can be a suitable option, as it is more comfortable, warmer, and elegant. Cashmere allows you to embrace a more luxurious and stylish appearance while staving off the cold. Note, however, that it is on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

As for the colours, all these fabrics will provide you with lots of options. However, this winter, you can echo the greyish environment by favouring darker and richer colours like dark blue, camel, forest green, navy, or dark brown.

As we have mentioned above, the coming winter must not herald a period of cold style. You have the opportunity to look your best with suit accessories like ties, scarves, hats, gloves, and overcoats for a more classic look.

Changing seasons allow you to reassess your wardrobe and invest in more weather-appropriate outfits. With the chilly and festive season on the horizon, there’s no better time to get in touch with  Hidalgo Brothers for perfectly tailored bespoke winter suits.