Style Guide – Getting Bespoke Wedding Suits To Standout

We will like to start by congratulating you for two main reasons; firstly, your significant other said, “yes!” That’s a huge deal! Secondly, you have been able to appreciate the significance of this unique moment by investing in bespoke wedding suits.

Your wedding day is a special event in your life, and that should reflect on the only thing you will likely be allowed to handle- your attire. For that reason, it is vital that you plan months before, entrust this crucial task into the capable hands of a professional Savile Row tailor, and go for bespoke services to have complete control.

That said, here a few things to have in mind to get your bespoke wedding suits to stand out.

Crafting the Ideal Bespoke Wedding Suits

1. Suit style

Getting the perfect bespoke wedding suits starts with choosing the right style, depending on factors such as the level of formality or time of the day.

You could safely pick the Morning Dress or the Three-Piece Suit (it offers more flexibility) for a traditional wedding as they are the conventional daytime dress codes for grooms. For an evening wedding, you will be making the right statements by donning a tuxedo.

2. The Fabric

You have likely narrowed down your options when it comes to the suit style by now. You can now focus on choosing the right fabric for the occasion. Your pick here mainly depends on the season of the year.

For example, you can go for lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen or cotton during the hot summer, or heavier and darker fabrics like pure wool during the cold winter. You can also rely on the expert opinion of an experienced tailor to make the best decision.

3. The Colour

When it comes to the colour of your bespoke wedding suits, the first thing to consider is your wedding colour theme. You can bring a swatch along when visiting your tailor.

Another factor to consider is your suit style. For example, if you have chosen to don a tux, you will do well to go for the black colour.

You should also factor in the season. Go for lighter colours like beige during hot weather and darker shades for cold weather.

You will be photographed countless times in your bespoke wedding suits during this special event. And so, you can’t afford to look less than your very best. Let Hidalgo Brothers help you look the part with the perfect suit so that you can immortalise these special memories.

Note that the above guide is by no means exhaustive; get in touch with us for more information.