Style Guide- The Best Way To Wear A Pocket Square

The pocket square is a decorative piece of cloth offering versatile folds that you can use to add a touch of flair, or pleasant contrast to your bespoke suit. It is the ultimate finishing touch that can complete and elevate your style.

Although it’s a relatively small accessory that many might chose to go without, it has the potential to impact your overall look significantly; but only when you wear it the right way.

However, knowing how to wear a pocket square can often feel like a sartorial minefield. This article will explore how you can wear this elegant statement piece with style and aplomb.

Pocket Square Rules

If you are just starting your pocket square journey, it might be tempting for you to match it with your tie; after all, you know that’s an unbreakable menswear rule.

However, the reality is that you should never perfectly match your pocket square with your tie. Instead, you should use your pocket square to coordinate with or complement your tie. You can do that by choosing a secondary colour that will coordinate with your tie as the primary colour.

Moreover, you can always rely on the square fold, cotton fabric, and a plain white colour to coordinate various suits styles and combinations. You only need to ensure that it fills the width of your jacket pocket. If you use a silk pocket square, make sure it is bigger than 40cm x 40cm to prevent it from slipping down into your pocket.

How to Fold Your Pocket Square

Now it’s time to tap into your creative and stylish genius to learn different ways to fold a pocket square:

1. The Square Fold

2. The Triangle Fold

3. The Stairs Fold

4. The Three-Point Fold

When to Wear Your Pocket Square

Generally speaking, you can wear a pocket square whenever you put on a suit, tuxedo, blazer, or sports coat.

For weddings and formal events like black tie events, donning a pocket square is a powerful way to make a statement. We suggest you go for a conservative approach- a solid colour, and the square fold for such circumstances.

For professional and business events, it would help if you take time to prepare a great pitch and a stunning outfit to boost your chances of getting the best outcome. Your best bet when it comes to the choice of your pocket square is that you remain classy and conservative.

For casual events, you can tap into the creative genius in you. This is your chance to be playful with styles, colours, and different folds (just make sure you don’t match the colours).

You are now ready to don your pocket squares and bespoke suits from the Hidalgo Brothers in style, and with confidence. Get in touch with us for more information.

Common Questions:

What are the ways to fold pocket squares?

There are four common ways to fold: The square fold, the triangle fold, the stairs fold and the three-point fold.


What is the correct way to wear a pocket square at weddings and formal events?

We suggest you go wear a solid colour and use a square fold for such circumstances.