Are Suit Alterations In London Worth It

Given that a suit can only be altered on the seam e.g., made smaller by taking in” or made bigger by “letting-out”, suit alterations are fairly straightforward. People undergo suit alterations for various reasons. If one’s budget is low, purchasing an “off the shelf” suit then making alterations to achieve a perfect fit is highly recommended. Alternatively, if one simply wants to upgrade something old and transform it to something modern then suit alterations is your green light. Here are some reasons why suit alterations in London specifically are worth every dime.  

Savile Row

This is the birth of traditional men’s bespoke tailoring. Built between 1731 and 1735, Savile Row is home to some of the world’s finest tailors. Mastery resides here! Only the best of the best are fortunate enough and eligible to set up shop. Anyone who is serious about suits indefinitely needs to take an adventure here.

Fashion capital

London equates to hustle and get the job done. It’s also considered one of the global “big four” fashion capitals of the 21st century. Many of the new trends, styles and designs come out of this vibrant city so make sure your alteration needs are taken care of here so you’re up to date with the latest.



People typically carry out their businesses in big cities because there’s a larger clientele. Getting alterations done in a lesser-known environment could leave you with problems later down the line. London has experienced, a customer base and a plethora of choices. The nature of it forces you not to go with the first one you see. Let the tailor win you over the competition.

Hidalgo Brothers are one of the few tailors on Savile Row who provide suit alterations in London. Contact us today so we can take care of your needs.