The Suit, Shirt And Tie Combinations. Which Colour Combination Is Best?

First impressions last, which is why the fitting of your suit is essential, however; the most important way to make a lasting impression is the colour combinations between the suit, shirt and tie. The first thing someone will notice is the colours of your suit, before the brand and the cut.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most common colour combinations used in suits and how to match them with a shirt and tie. However, before that, let’s briefly explain the common colour combinations of suits. 

common colour combinations

One-colour shades:

This scheme incorporates the same colour combination of your suit, shirt and tie. It’s undoubtedly the most straightforward scheme to achieve.

Analogue colours:

This scheme matches colours that are similar to each other. It’s a colour scheme that is easy on the eye and rarely goes wrong.

Contrasting colours:

This scheme sees contrasting colours paired, commonly incorporating different colours such as red and blue with one another.

Complementary Colours:

This scheme is the most complex as it incorporates colours opposite from one another and usually requires a lot of sense to pull off.

The Suit, shirt & Tie Colour Combinations

1. The Black suit

The traditional and universally-trusted black suit is highly versatile. You commonly see the black suit paired with white shirts, but also pairs well with pink shirts too. Regarding ties, red, blue and grey are good options to wear with a black suit and white shirt combination, whereas pink shirts combine nicely with a darker shade of pink and darkly-coloured stripes or more neutral colours like grey and navy.

2. The Navy suit

Suit-wearers are big fans of the navy suit as it’s easy to plan around. The most common shirt colour combination is white, coupled with solid coloured ties like navy, brown, grey or red. Additionally, striped ties are an excellent choice for navy suits. An alternate choice is pairing the blue suit with a light blue shirt. To make the biggest impression with this combination, finish the style with a foulard or striped tie in red, white or blue. 

3. The Grey suit

Grey is the most versatile of all due to its variety. The spectrum between light grey and dark charcoal grey is huge. Regardless of the shade, all are complimented perfectly by white or light blue shirts as they lighten your overall appearance effortlessly. In our personal opinion, the best choices for a tie to pair which both shirt colours are grey, navy or dark blue.

4. The brown suit

Brown suits offer a natural earth tone and provide some excellent shirt and suit combinations. As with all other suit colours, a white shirt is a great way to go for a more formal event. Pair this combination with a black, brown, or yellow striped tie, and you’ve got a lovely overall appearance. On the other hand, a powerful combination is pairing a brown suit with a light blue shirt. This combination matches effortlessly with a striped navy or solid blue tie.


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Common Questions

1. What are the common colour combination schemes of suits?

One-colour, analogue, contrasting and complementary are the four most common colour schemes of suits.

2. What suit colours do you recommend?

This all depends on the suit-wearer, however, a general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right suit colours is to stick with the basics. The most common suit colours are; Black, Navy, Grey and Brown. 

3. What is the first thing people notice about your suits?

People typically think it’s either the brand or the fit, explaining why people are willing to pay the big money for bespoke, designer-branded suits, however, the first thing someone will notice is actually the colour of the suit, shirt and tie.