Suit Styles Made by Hidalgo Brothers

The Bespoke suit is the speciality of Hidalgo Brothers. Their clientele always looks spotless and dapper. Bespoke simply means custom-made. So regardless of the suit style you want, it will always be bespoke Savile Row suits.

Here, we will tell you about the different suit styles made by Hidalgo Brothers:

The British Suit

We cannot talk about the suit without the British suit. The British created the first suit. The modern-day silhouette began back in the early nineteenth century. If you have seen the TV show, Versailles, then you have an idea as to how it looked.

The Edwardian era gave birth to the morning jacket in the mid-nineteenth century.

The American Suit

In America, there was a “sack” suit. It was worn by the working class. The morning jacket evolved to become the tuxedo, as well. There was also a suit called, the “zoot” suit. It was adorned by the Black American men.
The zoot suit is characterized by a high waist, wide-leg pants with breaks and pleats worn with a long sleeve three-quarter coat, accessorized with a fedora.

It was a very classy look which Hidalgo Brothers can create today.

The Italian suit

As one of the leaders in the fashion world today, it should come as no surprise that the Italians created their very own suit. The standard Italian suit is slim fitting and very elegant. It has no pleats or breaks, it is fitted around the hips, high buttons, and unstructured shoulders.
There are also three different types of Italian suits: Milanese, Romano, Napoletano.

Double-breast, single-breast, vents, pleats, lapels, cuffs, etc. These are the parts that make up a suit. You can combine your favorite styles to create your own unique suit!

So have fun!

Pick funky colors and different fabrics!

Wearing Savile Row suits is also a show of your personality. So if you gravitate more towards the zoot suit, Hidalgo Brothers will make it happen for you.

Feel free to contact us or book an appointment. Come gain the experience of a Bespoke suit.